Resources for Starting a Small Business

Tips and insights to help get your business off the ground

Starting a small business can be an exciting adventure – whether you want to open a retail shop, launch a restaurant, or provide services to others. However, there are many factors to consider as you prepare to open your doors or publish your eCommerce site. We’ve put together a collection of resources needed to start a small business to help you along as you put your plan into action. Check back often for new and useful tips, tricks, and insights.

People dining at casual restaurant with bar

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

11 types of restaurant categories & dining experiences

Before you start a new restaurant or change your existing service model, learn ... Read more
Two women designing clothes in studio


Which retail format is right for your business?

Brick-and-mortar, digital marketplace, seasonal, or pop-up? There are many different formats to consider ... Read more
Woman peering into boutique in San Francisco

By state

How to get a small business license in California

If you're thinking about starting a small business in California, you may need ... Read more
Retail shop owner looking at clothes on rack

Run your business

5 things you wish you would’ve know before opening your retail store

Imagine if you already knew everything you needed to know about retail – ... Read more
Female chef cooking chicken

Start a small business

How to open a restaurant

Tips for starting a restaurant The first steps for starting a business include lots of research, ... Read more
Santa Catalina Mountains in Arizona

Start a small business

How to start a business in Arizona

The state even offers free resources and tips on how to start a ... Read more
Woman business owner working with baby on the floor


“Parentrepreneurs” share what it’s like having a baby and running a business

Running a small business is tough. Raising a baby is even tougher. So ... Read more
Store owner turning open sign on door

Start a small business

How to start a business in Maryland

However, if you’re looking for a brief breakdown of the steps to starting ... Read more
Outdoor dining area in Charlotte, North Carolina

Start a small business

How to start a business in North Carolina

In fact, North Carolina makes launching a business extremely easy, with helpful resources ... Read more
Woman watching show on laptop

Start a small business

10 business lessons from ‘Shark Tank’ for entrepreneurs

The goal of the show is to elicit funding from these angel investors ... Read more
Man behind bar using clover pos station

Biz ops

5 must-have features for your small business POS system

Today’s POS systems do so much more than simply accept payments. As you ... Read more
Woman doing sit ups with personal trainer

Start a small business

Nine of the most profitable small businesses to start this year

The Great Resignation has actually given birth to a large number of people ... Read more
Group of kids working on activity

Start a small business

How to start a summer camp business

Starting a summer camp business can be financially rewarding, with many programs seeing ... Read more
Atlanta skyline and interstate

Start a small business

How to start a business in Georgia

If you want to open a business in Georgia, use the information below ... Read more
Customer inserting card into Clover Station

Payments & processing

Ultimate checklist: What you need to know to start taking payments for your business

Whether you’re updating your point-of-sales or accepting payments for the first time, these ... Read more
Chef cutting a pizza

Start a small business

How to open a ghost kitchen

As the world returns back to normal, a new dining trend is gaining ... Read more
Woman tutoring boy

Start a small business

How to start a tutoring business

Identify a client type Write a business plan Register your business Obtain applicable ... Read more
Food stand worker with tray of burgers

Start a small business

How to start a food stand

By contrast, food stands and trucks are mobile, allowing them to relocate to ... Read more
Two men meeting with laptop and notebook

Start a small business

How to find a business mentor

If uncertainty has been hampering your small business pursuits, consider the benefits of ... Read more
Brooklyn Bridge in New York City

Start a small business

How to start a business in New York

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your business in the Empire State, it’s ... Read more
Landscaper holding weed trimmer

Start a small business

How to start a landscaping business

Before you mow that first lawn, you’ll need a business plan to get ... Read more
Lake Eola Orlando Florida

Start a small business

How to start a business in Florida

If you’re also interested in starting a venture in the Sunshine State, there ... Read more
Restaurant owner looking at laptop

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

Licenses and permits needed to open a restaurant

Because licenses are legally required, not having them could lead to serious fines ... Read more
Man with pen, notepad, and laptop

Start a small business

How to choose a name for your small business

This article explains how to come up with a business name that resonates ... Read more
Person cleans bathroom sink

Start a small business

How to start a cleaning business

This guide explains how to start a cleaning business that you can scale ... Read more
Sunrise at the beach

Start a small business

How to start a business in California

Against this backdrop, you might also have dreams of launching your small business ... Read more
Bartender mixing drinks

Start a small business

How to open a bar

This article briefly covers some of the more common small business tips all ... Read more
Frisco Commons Park

Start a small business

How to start a business in Texas

With no corporate or personal income taxes, Texas is one of the most ... Read more
Woman entering information on laptop

Start a small business

What is a business license and why do you need one?

Although some entrepreneurs may dismiss the idea of getting a business license, the ... Read more
Three people looking at laptop

Start a small business

What is small business insurance? Here’s what you need to know

Although competition and other market forces may be responsible for many of these ... Read more
Food truck owner serving customer

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

5 reasons Clover is a best-fit POS for food trucks

Food truck season is in full swing, and crisp autumn days are around ... Read more
Two people shaking hands

Start a small business

How to choose a good business partner

Hiring employees can help ease some of the burden, but you may be ... Read more
Main Street storefronts

Start a small business

How to find a good location for your business

If you select the wrong spot for your new venture, sales may be ... Read more

Start a small business

Guide to starting a business out of your home

This has helped some people realize that with the right idea and execution, ... Read more

Payments & processing

Credit card processing tips for small businesses

Below are four credit card processing tips for small business owners. Use these ... Read more
Couple meeting with consultant

Money management

How to get a small business loan

There are many reasons why small businesses may need to take out loans, ... Read more
Man fulfilling online orders


How to start an eCommerce business

If you’ve ever considered starting an online store, now may be a good ... Read more
Couple meeting with financial professional

Start a small business

How to open a business bank account

You’ll need a business bank account if you plan to: Register your business ... Read more
Image of employee at laptop

Clover partner solutions

1099 vs W-2: What You Don’t Know Could Cost You

Employers often refer to independent contractors as "1099" and employees as "W-2" workers ... Read more
Two construction workers


W-2 vs. 1099: Choosing between employees and contractors

Either way, the majority of new hires will likely fit into one of ... Read more
Image of hands representing teamwork


How to source, hire, and train employees brand-new to market

As consumers gain more confidence coming back to restaurants, many business owners are ... Read more
Person typing on laptop


How to write a marketing plan

A marketing plan outlines the actionable steps you need to take toward achieving ... Read more
Store owner stocking pottery


Doing Business As (DBA): What it is & when to file one

There is another, simpler approach known as “doing business as.” Usually abbreviated as ... Read more
Woman at ice cream truck


How to start an ice cream shop or truck

However, there’s a fair bit of legwork involved before you can sell that ... Read more
Man hanging grand opening banner


How to register your small business

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you likely dream of the independence, freedom, and ... Read more
Man and woman looking at burlap sacks

Run your business

How to buy wholesale for your small business

Although the concept is simple, knowing how to buy wholesale for your small ... Read more
Group of employees around computer

Run your business

Tips for how to write an employee handbook for a small business

This guide walks you through some of the essentials that should go into ... Read more
Restaurant owner looking at paperwork


How to finance a restaurant

What is restaurant financing? Broadly speaking, restaurant financing is the capital you secure ... Read more
Tables and chairs in empty restaurant

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

What to consider when designing your restaurant floor plan

Sometimes, something as simple as a well-designed floor plan may be all you ... Read more
Displaying clothes at a boutique


How to start a boutique

The demand for clothing and shoes is on the rise, with global apparel ... Read more
People standing in front of food truck


How to start a food truck business

Entrepreneurs who love cooking often gravitate toward opening a restaurant. However, in 2021 ... Read more
Person coding on laptop


11 small business ideas for 2021

However, with COVID-19 causing so much economic uncertainty, which entrepreneurial ventures are worth ... Read more
Coffee and bagles


How to start a bagel shop

Below is a breakdown of key considerations when opening a bagel shop. 1. ... Read more
Woman paying at POS system


What is a POS system and how do I choose one?

Point-of-sale (POS) systems help businesses accept and process payments as well as manage ... Read more
Swiping a credit card on Clover Flex


Merchant Services

Whether you’re about to start using merchant services for your business for the ... Read more
Small business open sign


How to start a small business in 9 simple steps

1. Do your research Sadly, a large number of businesses fail each year ... Read more
Making a contactless payment

Money management

4 benefits of a merchant account

As today’s consumers are increasingly using credit and debit cards to make purchases ... Read more
Inserting card in Clover Mini


How to choose a merchant account provider

It’s technically possible to sustain a business on cash-based sales alone. Though at ... Read more

Payments & processing

Credit card processing in 8 simple steps

Making the purchase Entering the transaction Transmitting the data Authorizing the transaction Responding ... Read more
People on their phones

Social media

5 questions to ask before running a social media campaign

Have you tried your hand at social media marketing only to realize you ... Read more
Three salon chairs

Biz ops

5 questions to ask before you open a salon

Chances are good that you got into the beauty business because you’re creative ... Read more
Open sign in window

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

Launching your restaurant right

You’ve spent months of your life, and thousands of dollars, working towards this ... Read more
Row of colorful buildings


Business scenario: Negotiating your first store lease

Whether you’re opening a business for the first time, expanding out of your ... Read more