10 coffee shop equipment essentials every shop needs for opening day

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Barista making a latte with café equipment

Opening a new café or coffee shop? Before you brew your first cup, make sure you’ve got the right cafe equipment for successful growth.

Your start-up costs will include these items, so take time to compare prices and features before making a purchase. High on your list: a speedy and reliable POS system, a coffee shop essential that can help keep customers coming back for their favorite brew.

What equipment do you need to start a coffee shop?

1. Brewing equipment

Coffee is all about the preparation. Popular choices include automatic drip brewers, espresso machines, pour-over stations, and cold brew on demand. Unless your brand is limited to a single prep method, you’ll need to delight customers with as many options as possible.

2. Customization tools

Don’t forget the milk frothers, flavored syrups and extracts, and industrial blenders for specialty drinks! Be sure you have equipment for brewing a proper cup of tea, since tea drinkers are just as exacting with their preferences.

3. Commercial grinder

Whether or not you roast your own coffee beans, you may want to invest in a commercial-grade bean grinder that delivers precision on a mass scale. If you plan to roast onsite, add a commercial roaster, dedicated space for operation and bean storage, plus a ventilation system to your coffee shop equipment list.

4. Payment processing system

Clover’s flexible restaurant POS systems accept all payment types to help keep the lines moving. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with third-party software plugins from the Clover App Market, allowing you to manage inventory, schedule employees, and launch a loyalty program. Track supply chain and vendor status. Empower your team to deliver smooth service. And be sure to set “tip your barista” as the default option for your POS system.

5. Refrigerator and freezer

Milk, whipped cream, and other perishables need refrigeration for food safety. A steady supply of fresh ice is also a coffee shop essential for cold drinks. If necessary, invest in a water filtration system to ensure you’re offering the highest quality fare.

6. Microwave oven

Cafes and coffee shops are popular spaces for working, socializing, and sharing delicious food. When it comes to baked goods or breakfast sandwiches, customers will likely want their choices warmed up before serving. Include a reliable microwave on your coffee shop equipment checklist. Your food menu will dictate additional needs such as:

  • Refrigerated pastry case
  • Bagel conveyor toaster
  • Soup kettle warmer
  • Servingware and cutlery
  • Dishwasher

7. Countertops and cabinets

Your baristas will thank you for providing proper coffee and food preparation workspaces. When evaluating your cafe equipment needs, ensure adequate and separate areas for service, clean-up, and product displays.

8. Sink

Have you noticed how many tools and utensils are used to prep a cappuccino? You’ll need a roomy sink to handle the onslaught of frothing pitchers, measuring spoons, tampers, and knock boxes.

9. Shelving for supplies and storage containers

How will you store to-go cups, lids, sleeves, stirrers, sweeteners, and other supplies for the perfect brew? Keep the bulk items stowed securely but readily available during rush times. Your cafe equipment list should include multiple storage options.

10. Menus and signage

Simplify ordering with eye-catching signage. Customers appreciate clear information about sizes, extras, and flavor variations. If you prefer an old-fashioned chalkboard design or a cutting-edge digital menu board, clearly broadcast your coffee shop or café offerings.

Your cafe or coffee shop embodies your brand, whether it projects “sleek and sophisticated” or “rustic and casual.” Investing in high-quality coffee shop equipment can help minimize service breakdowns and poor customer experiences. 

As your business grows, be sure you’re equipped to handle increased traffic during peak hours. Planning the physical space and organizing tools properly will help your staff deliver a unique, crowd-pleasing experience.

And, be sure to make the most of social media as you approach opening day!

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