Clover Academy

Educational sessions led by experts to help small businesses succeed.

We leverage best-in-class partners who are experts in their field, with years of experience and solid know-how on topics such as digital marketing, cybersecurity and business growth – all designed to help small businesses succeed. Clover Academy is a series of educational webinars addressing topics that help small businesses like yours take their passion and hard work to the next level. View some of our educational sessions today, and check back often for new topics.

7 Steps to Bring Your Business Online

Learn the 7 key steps to bring your brick-and-mortar business online.
(Live webinar 6/29 at 1:30 PM ET)
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Stay in Control of Your Business Finances with Bookkeeping Basics

Learn from a small business bookkeeping and accounting expert how to stay in control of your business finances and move your business forward.
(Live webcast recorded 6/2/22)
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Promote & Grow Your Business with Social Media Marketing

Join Clover social media marketing experts who will cover the fundamentals of social media to promote and grow your business.
(Live webcast recorded 4/28/22)
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2022 Tax Updates for Small Businesses

Hear experts from tax and accounting firm PKF O’Connor Davies cover important tax updates.
(Live webcast recorded 3/24/22)
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Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing to build your customer base and keep customers coming back.
(Live webcast recorded 2/24/22)
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Utilizing Data Analytics to Make Business Decisions with Confidence

Learn from Fiserv Data & Analytics expert Alex Liu about how data analytics can help drive revenue for your business.
(Live webcast recorded 1/26/22)
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Reset Your Business for Post-Covid Success in 2022

Join business growth coach and author Ethan Chazin for an engaging webinar to help you put the business effects of the pandemic in the rear-view mirror and strategize an action plan to achieve growth in 2022.
(Live webcast recorded 12/8/21)
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Using Influencer Marketing to Protect Your Business on Social Media

Join Michelin influencer marketing experts to learn about the new digital landscape and develop an influencer strategy for your business.
(Live webcast recorded 11/10/21)
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Protect Your Business Against Cyberattacks - Clover - webinar

Protect Your Business Against Cyberattacks

Join us for an informative and educational webinar led by Fiserv cybersecurity experts, where you’ll learn about basic steps to take to protect your business against accelerating cybersecurity threats.
(Live webcast recorded 10/28/21)
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Digital Marketing 101 for Business Owners - Clover - webinar

Digital Marketing 101 for Business Owners

Join us for an informative and educational webinar led by Steven Matt, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Clover, who will teach the foundations of Digital Marketing for business owners including SEO, Strategy, Content, Social Media, and Email Marketing. Learn how to generate more traffic to your website, increase your ranking on Google, and keep customers coming back.
(Live webcast recorded 9/29/21)
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Power Your Business’s Possibilities - Clover - webinar

Power Your Business’s Possibilities

Join Clover and Huntington Bank for an informative discussion about powering your business’ possibilities for bigger and better sales as consumers start spending again. Learn how to leverage free advice from your local SBA, better manage your cash flow, gain access to capital effectively and efficiently, and see what forms of capital are available to you.
(Live webcast recorded 8/19/21)
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American Express - Clover - webinar

Marketing Resources to Help Your Business Thrive

Join Clover and American Express to learn marketing tips, trends and tools from a small business marketing expert to help support your business.
(Live webcast recorded 6/24/21)
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A Five Star State of Mind

Join Clover and Yelp for an informative discussion on how small businesses can leverage reviews, improve reputation management, and better engage with users on Yelp and all types of review sites.
(Live webcast recorded 5/6/21)
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Reach Customers Online with Google

In 2021, marketing to customers online is more important than ever. With Google’s Professional Trainer Petia Abdur-Razzaaq, we’ll highlight best practices and provide you with an overview of the complimentary tools from Google that you can use to help reach more customers online.
(Live webcast recorded 3/25/21)
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Maximize Your Small Business Marketing with Yelp

Join us for this webinar to learn the details around the importance of online communication and digital engagement, as well as Yelp best practices from their small business expert.
(Live webcast recorded 2/18/21)
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