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People waiting in line for food

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Fast casual vs. fast food: What is the difference?

However, there are important differences between fast casual vs. fast food restaurants – ... Read more
Sean Ham of Iconik Coffee Roasters

Meet the Merchant

Iconik Coffee Roasters

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Sean Ham of ... Read more
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Payments & processing

How to give restaurant guests more control over getting the check

58% of frequent restaurant diners say a slow payment process has ruined a ... Read more
Woman in mask during curbside pickup


What is curbside pickup?

In the early days of COVID-19, restaurants were the primary drivers behind this ... Read more

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Running your business

Taking picture of coffee cups


The COVID-19 Customer Engagement toolkit

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide timely information and resources for ... Read more
Soapy bubbles


Keeping your sales safe & sanitary

In the midst of the COVID-19 emergency, we discuss three areas of business ... Read more
Cafe employee


Boosting staff morale

In the mad rush to keep orders filled, bills paid, and customers happy, ... Read more
People eating outside

Biz ops

How to increase ticket size at your restaurant

Any successful restaurant owner knows that, in order to thrive, they need to ... Read more
Bartenders serving drinks


5 types of restaurant employee theft, and how to prevent them

Employee theft is a major problem in the restaurant industry. From unlicensed snacking ... Read more
Pile of U.S. money

Money management

Clover Rapid Deposit: Get your money instantly at no cost

We at Clover want to help support our merchants as best as we ... Read more
People at restaurant

Biz ops

Walk-ins or reservations—what’s the right mix for your restaurant?

It’s one of the trickiest questions in the restaurant business: should you take ... Read more
NFC payment with Clover Mini


How secure are NFC payments?

Short for “near field communication,” NFC allows devices in close proximity to wirelessly ... Read more

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Start a small business

How to choose a name for your small business

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Clover partner solutions

5 tips from Grubhub for building a successful delivery menu

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Owners of the Bellflower Chocolate Co.

Meet the Merchant

The Bellflower Chocolate Company

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Clover partner solutions

Take these 3 steps before the new year for better sales tax management on your Clover POS

End of year is a great time to set up for the coming ... Read more

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

8 ways to make your cafe everyone’s favorite remote work spot

Indoor dining is making a comeback! As hybrid working becomes a norm and ... Read more
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What is a rotating schedule?

By contrast, other businesses adopt a rotating schedule in which each employee’s hours ... Read more
Owner of Salty Sista's

Meet the Merchant

Salty Sistas

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, Jeanette Lopez Georgiti, the owner of ... Read more

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