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Fine dining restaurant

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

Meet the Merchant

Owners of Toshi's Cafe

Meet the Merchant

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Thrive Juice Lab

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Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

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Webinar: Power your Business' Possibilities

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Take your passion and hard work to the next level. Join Clover and Huntington Bank to learn financial literacy, consumer trends and forms of capital available to small businesses.

Meet the Merchant

O'Shuns Orchard beekeeping

Meet the Merchant

O’Shun’s Orchard

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Kemi Pavlocak of ... Read more
Hand holding sparkler

Meet the Merchant

Celebrating merchants who launched and grew business during the pandemic

As we ring out the old year and welcome in the new, join ... Read more
Owners of the Bellflower Chocolate Co.

Meet the Merchant

The Bellflower Chocolate Company

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak with Callie Neylan and ... Read more
Owner of Salty Sista's

Meet the Merchant

Salty Sistas

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, Jeanette Lopez Georgiti, the owner of ... Read more
Neron Cakes and Decor owner

Meet the Merchant

Neron Cakes and Decor

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Imaria Fakinlede of ... Read more
Photo collage of Clover merchants

Meet the Merchant

We’re thankful for our merchants

Since the series’ inception we’ve featured 60-plus Clover merchants, and we’re just getting ... Read more
Owners of The Walk In and Neon Croissant

Meet the Merchant

The Walk In and Neon Croissant

In this Installment of Meet the Merchant, we interview Erin Ellis, co-owner of ... Read more
Ice Cream on Grand storefront

Meet the Merchant

Ice Cream on Grand

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Syed and Victoria ... Read more
Owners of 72 West

Meet the Merchant

72 West

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Steve and Jill ... Read more
Frays Donut House owner Dae-Kun Kim

Meet the Merchant

Fray’s Donut House

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Dae-Kun Kim of ... Read more
Map of the Midwest

Meet the Merchant

Meet the Merchants in the Midwest

Whether you live in the Midwest or are taking time to enjoy a ... Read more
No Limits Cafe

Meet the Merchant

No Limits Cafe

No Limits Cafe knows how to bring community together—from its staff to its ... Read more

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