Florist website design tips: Make your online storefront bloom

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Online ordering for flower shops has blossomed in recent years, experiencing an average growth rate of 14.5% per year between 2018 and 2023. Florist websites offer customers an easy, convenient way to select arrangements for delivery. According to Search Engine Journal, search queries for “next day flower delivery” are up 800% year over year.

Compared to other eCommerce retailers, a flower shop’s website design has a significant impact on a customer’s purchasing decision. A florist’s website is the digital equivalent of your window display. It needs to be aesthetically beautiful to draw in customers. The best florist sites are also functional–they showcase arrangement options, upsell add-ons, and provide a seamless delivery order flow. 

As you build or revamp your florist website, these design tips can help improve your online customer experience.

Keep fonts and colors consistent and simple

The color palette and fonts you choose for your online flower shop website design should be consistent with your in-store experience and other brand assets. Maintain the same look and feel you’ve created on social media and at your physical storefront (if you have one). Most design experts recommend using a more muted, neutral color palette to make the plants pop. 

Fonts, too, should be used sparingly. “It is easy to get carried away with those beautiful, script-y fonts, but the reality is that they can be hard to read and very overwhelming en masse,” wrote Team Flower, an educational resource for florists. Choose one or two fonts to use across your website and let images speak for themselves. 

Update your hero banner regularly 

A hero banner is the image, video, illustration, or headline that welcomes visitors to your store’s homepage. This section is usually reserved for your most compelling value proposition, best-selling product, or limited-time-only promotion. 

Clover merchant and owner of 3B’s Flowers Jennifer Oosterhoff regularly updates her florist website’s hero section in response to upcoming holidays, seasonal specials, or social trends. For instance, during the pandemic, Oosterhoff noticed that people put a lot of effort into greening their homes. Her online store was reconfigured to feature houseplants front and center. 

Today, Oosterhoff uses a sliding hero banner to simultaneously feature multiple offers, occasions, or upsell options. Regularly refreshing the lead-in to your website gives customers something new to explore and can even help the user navigate to exactly the right information. 

Make it easy to navigate

If you’re building a brand-new website, it’s important to establish a site hierarchy to help customers find what they need quickly–as well as for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. So, considering including these pages on your florist website to help customers find what they’re looking for and to boost your site’s search rankings:

  • Home page
  • Service/event pages (if you offer arrangements for weddings, for instance)
  • About us
  • Online store (especially product pages that let customers filter arrangements by occasion, price, delivery date, or color palette)
  • Contact page

You may also consider a gallery page that showcases your arrangements and past events. Across all pages, use plenty of high-quality images rather than text to show that your work speaks for itself. And, make sure your images are high-quality and formatted to show nicely on both mobile devices and desktop. 

Share your story

Customers love hearing the stories behind small businesses. Sharing your story, from the spark of your concept to your current mission, fosters a sense of connection. People are more likely to invest in brands that resonate with them, so don’t be afraid to showcase your unique journey. 

Clover merchant The Curious Plantaholic has its origin story right on its homepage–as does Oosterhoff. Take inspiration from the 3B’s site, which reads, “At 3B’s Flowers Ltd., we believe in the power of positivity. That’s why we’ve adopted the mantra of the new THREE Bs: Be Brave, Be Kind, Be Authentic. These guiding principles shape everything we do–from our carefully curated floral arrangements to our personalized customer service.” 

Sell (and accept) digital gift cards

Savvy merchants are prepared to accept all payment types, including digital gift cards. Consider selling and accepting digital gift cards through your online store. These cards are easy gifts for shoppers looking for something last-minute and can be a big boost for your floral business. 

Jennifer DeLorenzo, owner of The Curious Plantaholic, explains: “When a customer has a gift card, they’re more likely to spend more than they’re given. They’re going to say, for instance, ‘Oh, I have a free 50 bucks to spend, and I have some of my own spending money. So maybe I’ll drop $100, even though I only have a $50 gift card.’ That happens almost every time someone comes in with the gift card.”

Not all floral arrangements will be available for same-day delivery, but digital gift cards still allow shoppers to buy blooms for others. 

Consider adding a blog page

A blog page can boost your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) ranking while providing customers with useful information to keep their blooms looking fresh. Yes, it’s additional work to keep your blog updated and relevant–but it can also help build customer loyalty and bring in new business. Share updates about plant care, floral arranging tips, or even updates from events you work at. 

Ultimately, your flower shop website design should be a unique reflection of your style. Get the basics right–like your site structure, mobile optimization, and payment processing–and let your creativity take care of the rest. 

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