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To help our restaurant merchants generate revenue despite pandemic restrictions, the Clover team recently launched a powerful and cost-effective feature: Clover Online Ordering. Now, your customers can easily select and order a take-out or delivery meal from the convenience of their phone or computer. The Clover POS system processes customers’ orders and payments. Best of all, our comprehensive POS ecosystem integrates seamlessly with multiple online providers, ensuring your business benefits from the latest innovations in contactless, online ordering technology.

Two Ways to Receive Online Orders

Clover Online Ordering offers one streamlined process to set you up with two convenient options for satisfying hungry customers. Since your existing Clover POS system handles orders and payments, all you need to decide is how you prefer to target new and established business:

Clover Ordering Websites: Receive online orders from a web page powered by Clover.

  • Clover creates an online ordering page that you can link to your website (if you have one) or use as a standalone.
  • Personalized content (including business hours and the online menu) integrates with your Clover dashboard, allowing you to control, manage, and easily update your page.
  • There are no set-up or subscription fees beyond the “card not present” transaction fee associated with online orders.

The Clover app: Receive online orders from the Clover app that customers download on their iOS or Android mobile devices.

  • Receive orders through the Clover app on iOS and Android devices, rather than from websites.
  • The Clover app allows you to nurture new and repeat business through customer engagement programs. Integrate reward, promotion, and feedback programs in the app to attract and reward loyal customers.
  • There are no set-up or subscription fees beyond the “card not present” fee associated with online orders.

Sign-up in a Snap

To sign up for Clover Online Ordering, head over to the Online Ordering Hub in your Clover dashboard. If you select Clover services (Clover Ordering Websites and Clover app), you’re set up automatically for both. We’re adding more services from Clover and third-party aggregators to the Hub this year to provide customers with new ways to find your restaurant and place their orders online — including delivery!

Responding to our merchants’ top priorities, Clover Online Ordering is currently available to restaurants and food service businesses only. We’re working hard to add other online ordering and delivery services to this cost-effective feature.


With Clover Online Ordering, the entire online ordering process – order placement, payments, confirmation, orders fired to the kitchen, orders prepared for pickup – are processed through your existing Clover devices and trusted POS system. Offering your customers this convenience will provide peace of mind and more time to grow other parts of your business.

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