3 ways real merchants use Clover Capital to help their businesses grow

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Business owners who've used Clover Capital to boost business

As a small business owner, you have to be able to think on your feet. Conditions in your local market can change on a dime, and you have to stay flexible. But responding to a new business challenge or opportunity takes money—money for supplies, new staff, or even a new location.

Enter Clover Capital. Clover Capital is a fast, flexible way to get the cash you need for your business. Approval is quick, usually just a day or two, and funds typically hit your bank account just two or three business days after that. Payments are deducted automatically from your future debit and credit card sales, so you never have to worry about missing a payment. Your payment amount is based on a percentage of your card sales, so you can’t fall behind. When business is slow, your payments are smaller. When business picks up, you pay your advance back faster. 

Clover Capital can help you open a new space, staff up for a busy season, boost your marketing, and more. Here are three ways real merchants have used Clover Capital:

1. To open a new location

Leslie Reyna and her husband first started Reyna’s Tacos in a local mall in San Angelo, Texas. When that location didn’t work out, they decided to buy a food truck. The food truck was a success, but they kept their sights set on a brick-and-mortar location, and in 2017, they found a former gas station they could convert to a restaurant. Clover Capital gave them several cash infusions that helped them set up the space, including converting a former gas pump to a drive-thru and setting up a back patio where they show football games and movies. 

2. To scale up quickly to meet demand 

The pandemic sent demand for Janelle Russell’s pet grooming business, Chateau 4 Paws, skyrocketing. With so many more people adopting pets, and everyone stuck at home with their dogs, business doubled almost overnight. Janelle needed more supplies, but she didn’t have access to traditional financing options, and didn’t want to use high-interest credit cards to buy what she needed. Clover Capital helped her stock up to serve the customers who needed her. Since then, she’s used Clover Capital to stock up on inventory, pay for advertising, update her building, and even take her employees on outings.

3. To keep a small business running smoothly

The Ukrainian couple behind Oksa Cakes in Flagler Beach, Florida, started their bakery and Ukrainian bistro almost immediately upon immigrating to Florida in 2017. They got set up with Clover right away, and have used Clover Capital as a regular source of funds that has helped them maintain their vision of providing fresh, made-to-order, high-quality food. They’ve also been able to start a side business selling homemade sausages at farmers markets. 

Like Chateau 4 Paws and Oksa Cakes, many merchants rely on Clover Capital to help them stay flexible and respond to their business’s changing needs. When a new opportunity comes up, or a challenge arises, Clover Capital can help you respond quickly. Then, you simply pay at a manageable pace–based on your actual credit card receipts. And that can keep you from falling behind on payments.

If you use a Clover POS system, you may already be pre-approved for Clover Capital. Keep an eye out for an email invitation to apply. Or, check your Clover Dashboard to see if you’re pre-qualified to apply.

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