10 essential pieces of equipment salons need for opening day

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When it comes to the business of beauty, operating a salon requires more than expertise in hair design, curl patterns, and hair washing techniques. Because there are many factors to consider before launching your beauty venture, we’ve created this checklist of essentials you’ll need for opening day.

1. Hair washing stations

Each hair washing station should be equipped with shampoo bowls and chairs. The washing station can also include steam treatment equipment and other tools for specialty services. To keep things organized, consider establishing a designated space in your wash area for products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, towels, aprons/capes, and other products needed for the washing process. 

2. Styling stations

Set your stylists up for success by equipping styling stations with the necessary tools and products needed for their styling specialities. Each station should include salon essentials like mirrors, chairs, and chair mats. Furnish your styling stations with salon essentials, including scissors/shears, combs, brushes, disposable gloves, clippers, spray bottles, straighteners, styling products (think: gels, hairspray, and dyes), and additional accessories (rubber bands and hair clips, to name a couple). It may also be beneficial to create a  salon tools and equipment list of frequently used items that can help keep track of inventory needs. Consider outfitting each station with mobile utility trays or trolleys that stylists can customize based on their needs–and provide additional lighting options such as ring lights.

3. Dryer chairs and units

Salon dryers come in a variety of styles such as dryer chairs or hooded dryer units. Your dryer unit selection will depend on the size of your salon and available space. Shop around and compare pricing for dryers that suit your space and needs. Purchase and keep track of dryer unit warranties in case any problems surface that require repair or replacement. 

4. Payment processing system

Remove the stress of running a beauty salon with a POS system that can help streamline your operations. With handheld POS devices like the Clover Flex your customers can pay right from their chair. From payment processing to online bookings to loyalty programs, Clover’s personal services solutions can help grow sales and enhance the client experience. Find the ideal payment process system that matches your salon’s needs by reviewing Clover’s salon POS system options, designed to accept all payment types.

5. Appointment book/scheduling software

Appointment scheduling software makes it easier to schedule and manage client appointments. This type of software can help you keep track of appointments, schedule reminders, and send out automatic confirmations via email, text, or phone call. Apps like Appointment Scheduler Pro and Book Online, for instance, can help you stay on top of appointment schedules, saving you time and money–and improving customer satisfaction. Clover App Market offers a wide selection of apps that run seamlessly with your Clover POS. Simply compare scheduling software options and determine the software that works best for your salon and prospective clientele. 

6. Retail displays

Entice your clientele to purchase products, hair tools, accessories, and more with attractive retail displays. Hang shelves or purchase ready-made displays that showcase products and merchandise. These displays can also include marketing materials (think: business cards) and branded merchandise like shirts, hats, and bags. Consider setting up your display in the reception area or entrance/exit of your salon.

7. Cleaning Supplies and laundry equipment

Maintain the cleanliness and upkeep of your salon with vacuums, brooms, mops, cleaning clothes, floor care products, disinfectants, and sanitizing products for tools and equipment. Adding a washer and dryer to your salon, along with accompanying laundry equipment, makes it much easier to keep a stock of clean towels, aprons, and capes on hand. 

8. Signage

Welcome new customers and let customers know about new products, services, or events with signage that reflects your brand and fits your salon’s space, decor, and aesthetic. And, be sure any signage you choose for the interior of your salon compliments your  brand and your exterior signage. Make your salon stand out with attractive, attention-grabbing signs. 

9. Security equipment and electronics

First, set up a wifi connection in your salon–it’s useful for operational needs and most security systems run, at least partially, on wifi. And, your customers may appreciate access to wifi during their visit. Considering security, you can keep your salon secure with security cameras, a video intercom system, alarm systems, access control systems, and other such security equipment. And, while not exactly essential, outfitting your salon with a TV and/or audio system can help you create an ambience that enhances your patrons’ experiences. You might also consider adding power strips and additional outlets to individual styling stations to accommodate styling and other electric equipment. 

10. Storage space

Having a dedicated space to store product inventory, tools, and other miscellanies can help keep your salon clean and clutter free. If cabinet space is limited, consider purchasing storage bins, drawer organizers, free-standing cabinets, or wall shelving.

Setting up and operating a salon can be a complex process with lots of moving parts. To help jumpstart your salon and reduce initial out-of-pocket costs, consider renting salon equipment. And, maintain a running checklist of all of your salon essentials to help minimize the stress of unanticipated or unexpected costs. 

Be sure to check out Clover’s guide to salon ownership for more information on how you can attract new clients and build a thriving salon business. If you have questions about how a Clover POS system can help you, reach out to a Clover Consultant.

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