5 reasons Clover is a best-fit POS for food trucks

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Food truck season is in full swing. With beautiful autumn weather ahead and more people enjoying the outdoors, the outlook for roving vendors looks bright. Amidst changing landscapes and changing seasons, one thing never changes: Everyone’s gotta eat.

Whether you’re pulling up to local outdoor events or staking a corner in a reviving business district, the key to running a successful food truck is staying nimble and versatile. And that kind of versatility is just what Clover serves up everyday.

On-the-go devices served just the way you want them

Clover offers a range of compact, mobile devices, suited to food trucks.

Check out these two, for starters:

The Clover Mini is a space-saving, fully integrated point-of-sale, streamlining form and function. It enables merchants to accept all forms of payment, track inventory, manage staff, customer rewards and more–in less space than most laptop computers.

The handheld Clover Flex accepts orders and payments. That means, you can take orders and payments from customers in your line and keep the line flowing in front of and behind the counter. 

Clover Mini and Flex devices offer maximum mobility. No Wi-Fi? No problem. The devices run seamlessly on cellular data, and lithium-ion batteries keep busy food-truck vendors tether-free. 

5 ways Clover devices can help your food truck

Compact Clover POS devices keep food trucks nimble and customer lines flowing. We’ll start with 5 reasons Clover could be the perfect fit for your food truck.

1. Save space 

In a food truck, every inch and iota matter. Between food preparation, customer hand-off, and the driver’s seat, there’s simply no room for a back office or bulky register. With a compact restaurant POS or, even better, a handheld device like the Flex, you get lots of POS power packed into mere inches. That means, space is one thing you won’t have to worry about. 

2. Cash-in on online orders

Online ordering has kept many food businesses afloat over the last year or so. So, if you’re looking to get truckin’ in online orders, Clover can get you running fast. Now Clover and Grubhub have teamed up to offer your customers online ordering any way they want it: takeout, pickup, dine-in, or delivery. It’s easy to set up and fully integrated into Clover–even on compact devices.  

3. Stay connected to loyal customers

Food truck fans know that tracking its schedule and location is all part of the fun. Let customers know where and when you’ll be parked with emails through Clover’s Customer Engagement tools. In addition to sharing your location, you can use direct email to run promotions, announce new menu items, and publicize special events and innovations. What’s more, Clover makes light work of offering and managing loyalty rewards, like punch-card style programs that add up with each visit.

4. Keep business on the road 

With Clover’s roster of biz ops features for invoicing, reporting, employees, inventory, and more, you can handle all your business operations on-the-go–yes, even inventory. That means, maximum mobility for busy food truckers.  

5. Get creative

With the flexibility of Clover’s most compact devices, you can get super creative with how–and where–you serve customers. Take these restaurateurs, for example. Each shares an interesting story about how they took their business to the streets and reached new customers. Whether you decide to add tables outside your truck, join a food pod, open a permanent location, or host outdoor game or movie nights, you’ve got maximum flexibility with a Clover POS.

If you’re just starting out, check out how to start a food truck business or how to pick the best spots

Or, speak to a Clover Business Consultant today to learn more.


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