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Map of the Midwest

Meet the Merchant

Meet the Merchants in the Midwest

Whether you live in the Midwest or are taking time to enjoy... Read more
Plate of tacos

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

How to photograph food well

If you’ve ever taken a picture of your meal for Instagram, you... Read more
Frisco Commons Park

Start a small business

How to start a business in Texas

With no corporate or personal income taxes, Texas is one of the... Read more
Mens clothing display


How to maximize visual merchandising efforts

What is visual merchandising? Visual merchandising is a type of marketing in... Read more
No Limits Cafe

Meet the Merchant

No Limits Cafe

No Limits Cafe knows how to bring community together—from its staff to... Read more
Barista putting lid on coffee cup

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

6 ways coffee shops can make the most of social media

Coffee shops rely heavily on in-person customer service to boost sales and... Read more
Grubhub driver picks up order

Clover partner solutions

5 reasons restaurants partner with third-party delivery apps

Delivery is here to stay and becoming an integral part of many... Read more
Woman entering information on laptop

Start a small business

What is a business license and why do you need one?

Although some entrepreneurs may dismiss the idea of getting a business license,... Read more
autumn maple leaves

Meet the Merchant

Meet the Merchants in the Northeast

Whether you’re taking in fall colors, camping in the countryside, or visiting... Read more
Q3 new & notable apps image

Clover partner solutions

New and Notable in the Clover App Market: September 2021

New and Notable Apps in the Clover App Market are here! The... Read more
Reports on laptop and tablet


Financial analysis components for small business

This analysis allows you to better understand: How your small business is... Read more
JP Figaro Hole in One Bagels owner

Meet the Merchant

Hole in One Bagels

In this Meet the Merchant interview, we speak with JP Figaro of... Read more
ADP payroll for small business

Clover partner solutions

Save time with ADP’s do-it-yourself small business payroll

Now available to Clover clients: ADP’s Core payroll solution. It's ideal for... Read more
Three people looking at laptop

Start a small business

What is small business insurance? Here’s what you need to know

Although competition and other market forces may be responsible for many of... Read more
Jaide Hatfield and Joel Murga

Meet the Merchant

Jaide and Joel’s Baking Company

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Jaide Hatfield... Read more
Food truck owner serving customer

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

5 reasons Clover is a best-fit POS for food trucks

Food truck season is in full swing, and crisp autumn days are... Read more
Two people shaking hands

Start a small business

How to choose a good business partner

Hiring employees can help ease some of the burden, but you may... Read more
Collage of Hispanic business owners

Meet the Merchant

Celebrating Hispanic Small Businesses

In this installment of Meet the Merchant Remix, we’re celebrating Hispanic and... Read more
Main Street storefronts

Start a small business

How to find a good location for your business

If you select the wrong spot for your new venture, sales may... Read more
Back to school bus

Meet the Merchant

Back to school and back to learning

Small businesses are often fundamental to providing educational resources within their communities.... Read more