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Super long sub made by amins corner

Meet the Merchant

Amin’s Corner: Putting the “neighbor” back in the neighborhood deli

We spoke with Susan Amin, owner and proprietor of Amin’s Corner, about... Read more
Bitcoin symbol on a data graph


What is cryptocurrency and why it matters for small businesses

Day traders fascinated with Elon Musk’s wealth bought into the joke–quite literally–and... Read more
Chef cutting a pizza

Start a small business

How to open a ghost kitchen

As the world returns back to normal, a new dining trend is... Read more
Rollin Smoke owner lifting lid on serving pan

Meet the Merchant

Rollin’ Smoke BBQ

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Dejuan Smith... Read more
Desk with laptop and Clover Virtual Terminal interface

Payments & processing

Does your small business need Clover Virtual Terminal?

A virtual terminal is a convenient, flexible way to accept credit and... Read more
Woman tutoring boy

Start a small business

How to start a tutoring business

Identify a client type Write a business plan Register your business Obtain... Read more
Owner of Out the Dough

Meet the Merchant

Out The Dough

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Angelo Lonardo... Read more
Homebase interfaces on laptop and phone

Clover partner solutions

3 ways a team management tool can boost your business

There are lots of reasons to use a team management tool like... Read more
Woman wearing headphones watching tablet


Top podcasts for small business owners and entrepreneurs

Tuning into a podcast is convenient, allows for multitasking, and can feel... Read more
Collage of Black business owners

Meet the Merchant

Clover celebrates Black history with a focus on family and fortitude

Clover celebrates Black History by highlighting merchant partners who have made Family... Read more
People eating pizza at restaurant

Clover partner solutions

The future of restaurant loyalty: restaurant meal subscriptions

Read for information about how Restaurant Subscriptions work, what they offer you... Read more
Employees sitting at workstations


Clover’s ultimate checklist for employee retention and satisfaction

The Great Resignation is keeping many small business owners up at night.... Read more
Food stand worker with tray of burgers

Start a small business

How to start a food stand

By contrast, food stands and trucks are mobile, allowing them to relocate... Read more
Phillip Ingram Lonnis Sandwiches owner

Meet the Merchant

Lonni’s Sandwiches

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Phillip Ingram,... Read more
Cafe manager looking at paperwork and laptop


2022 technology trends to watch in food and beverage businesses

Forecasting food-service trends for 2022 means leaning on hard data and lessons... Read more
Black business owners looking at computer


Resources Every Black Business Owner Should Know

In recognition of National Black Business month, we explore the challenges many... Read more
Two men meeting with laptop and notebook

Start a small business

How to find a business mentor

If uncertainty has been hampering your small business pursuits, consider the benefits... Read more
Alphabet Soup Store Interior

Meet the Merchant

Alphabet Soup Stores

Maureen Highland of the Alphabet Soup Stores in Petaluma, CA talks about... Read more
Football on fifty-yard line


7 ways restaurants can boost Super Bowl sales

Super Bowl Sunday is a great day for businesses to pick up... Read more