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Forest, hills, and river

The Priceless Planet Coalition® was launched by Mastercard to unite companies, communities, and consumers in climate action. We are working together with a global coalition of over 130 partners and millions of consumers to restore 100 million trees in the places that will have the highest impact for our climate, communities, and nature.

The Donate for Trees app allows your business to accept donations from your customers to benefit this effort. Conservation International, a key partner in the Priceless Planet Coalition, receives the consumer donations made via the app and combines them with other contributions to fund forest restoration work across six continents.

Through the Donate for Trees app, you can allow your customers to donate at checkout to help reach this reforestation goal.

  • Donations can be made with all types of debit and credit cards.
  • Customers can choose the preset donation amounts in $0.50, $1, $2, and custom amounts.
  • 62% of people think it’s important for companies to do more for the environment.1

Conservation International: Restoring forests globally

Conservation International empowers society to responsibly and sustainably care for nature and support our global biodiversity. Conservation International will use consumer donations received via the Donate for Trees app to fund the restoration of trees and forests in places that have the highest impact on climate, community, and biodiversity.

Funds will be granted to specific Priceless Planet project sites, as determined by Conservation International, where financial support is most needed. In the United States, Conservation International is partnering with Green Forest Work (GFW) to restore degraded mine sites in Appalachia, aiming to create jobs for Americans and revitalize the economy in counties impacted by the declining coal industry.

How the Donate for Trees app works

Collecting consumer donations to help provide a greener future is easy:

  • The app will allow preset buttons with set donation amounts to appear on your Clover POS device display.
  • The app does not interfere with your sales process, and it’s totally optional for a customer to donate.
  • The online portal provides reporting on the consumer donations received.

Here’s how the donation payment process works:

  • All funds collected from consumer donations will be deposited into your business bank account along with your credit and debit card sales.
  • Consumer donations will be aggregated together as non-revenue items, allowing you to determine how much was donated by looking for that non-revenue amount in your account and comparing that to the total amount showing in the online portal.
  • You are responsible for distributing the consumer donations to Conservation International on a quarterly basis per the instructions provided.

Learn more about the Donate for Trees app and the Priceless Planet Coalition.

Conservation International is a U.S. public charity (tax identification number 52-1497470) under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Mastercard, Priceless Planet Coalition, and the circles design are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.

1. Mastercard sustainability research, 2021

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