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Terri Does Desserts owner

Meet the Merchant

Terri Does Desserts

Terri Rhodes Littleton of Terri Does Desserts in Sacramento, California, shares her story … Read more
Two people shaking hands

Start a small business

How to choose a good business partner

Hiring employees can help ease some of the burden, but you may be … Read more
Two people on phone and laptop

Biz ops

5 signs your business needs financing

Many small businesses use some form of financing to manage cash flow, secure … Read more
Woman doing sit ups with personal trainer


15 of the most profitable small businesses to start in 2024

The Great Resignation has actually given birth to a large number of people … Read more
Three people looking at laptop


What is small business insurance? Here’s what you need to know

Although competition and other market forces may be responsible for many of these … Read more
Two construction workers


W-2 vs. 1099: Choosing between employees and contractors

Either way, the majority of new hires will likely fit into one of … Read more
Participants in an Art as Therapy workshop

Meet the Merchant

Art as Therapy

Lisa Brown’s severe bout of Lyme disease demonstrated the importance of art to … Read more
Woman with calculator, paperwork, and laptop


Why Clover merchants should monitor their financial health with Nav

Want to stay on top of your small business’ financial health? Download the … Read more
Woman working on a laptop

Clover product news

Meet Clover Recurring Payments

Clover’s new recurring payments is a convenient and reliable way to get paid … Read more
Two Clover Stations on counter

Clover product news

Clover clocks in at less than three seconds for EMV transactions

Let’s face it. EMV hasn’t been easy. This week marks the one-year anniversary … Read more
a collage of Clover merchants


Giving thanks to our merchants

Clover thanks all of our merchants, and especially those who have shared their … Read more
Homebase Payroll for small business


Common hourly payroll mistakes and how to avoid them

Making payroll mistakes is a common and costly pitfall for small businesses. But … Read more
holiday decorations


American Express: Plan now for successful online holiday sales

Small businesses often depend on holiday sales to stay afloat. Especially in a … Read more
Portrait of Todd Delaune, owner of The Red, White & Brew

Meet the Merchant

The Red, White & Brew

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Todd Delaune of … Read more
woman in salon chair looking at phone


10 strengths local businesses can lean into

Small business week is here! In celebration of the many ways local shops … Read more

Payments & processing

What is an EFT payment?

An electronic funds transfer moves money from one account to another. The accounts … Read more
Group of holiday gift bags

Clover app partners

Three questions to ask as you plan for the holidays

The surge in holiday spending makes it an ideal time of year to … Read more
Woman at ice cream truck


How to start an ice cream shop or truck

If starting an ice cream business is your dream, there are a lot … Read more
Female chef in commercial kitchen using laptop

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

5 lessons from Hulu’s ‘The Bear’ on how to run a small business

Hulu’s hit series The Bear is about a small business owner, and the … Read more
Paying at the pump

Payments & processing

Gas station credit card processing

Gas stations and convenience stores can simplify the payment process with PCI-compliant gas … Read more