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Mobile payments are ticking up fast. This year alone, the transaction value of mobile POS payments is projected to hit $3.30 trillion worldwide and about $0.65 trillion in the US. That’s up from $1,017,982 million worldwide in 2020.

What’s more, the average transaction value per customer using a mobile POS is expected to tip $9,000 in 2023, with over 94 million US customers projected to use mobile payments by 2027.

So, if you haven’t already, now’s the time to take your business mobile. With Clover, it’s easier than ever before. 

Meet the new and improved Clover Go

With the new Clover Go, you can easily and confidently start taking mobile payments using the new Clover Go app and an existing mobile device. Bursting with the features you need to help you run and grow your business, Clover Go is your trusted mobile POS system—on the road, in the field, or at outdoor venues. 

What’s more, it’s optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets—think wallets like Apple Pay®, Google Wallet™, and Samsung Pay. Even better, it’s low cost and high efficiency—and it works for any type of business. 

The best of before–now with even more

Extending the power of Clover to your own mobile device, the updated Clover Go offers the  business management tools you need to take payments, track sales, and manage your business–all on the go. Simply, it packs the power and features of a full-sized POS into your mobile device. 

Here’s what you get, for starters:

  • Full or partial refunds. Issue full or partial refunds by item or amount when you’re not in the store.
  • New, interactive sales reports. Pull deposit reports and monthly statements.
  • Employee and shift management. Manage schedules easily and quickly from your mobile device. 
  • Open orders. Start, edit, or manage orders, and complete transactions using Clover Go or any device (with supporting service plans).
  • Optimized for smartphones and tablets. Use on iOS or Android devices wherever you run your business. That means, you get all these great features on a bigger screen—almost like a regular station, but mobile.
  • Clover Go reader. Accept chip card (EMV) and contactless (NFC) payments on the new optional Clover Go reader (v3) with continued payment support for Go 2 card reader.

And, the Clover Go syncs with your other Clover devices seamlessly. 

Available now–with more features coming

The new Clover Go is available right now for smartphones and iPad–you just need iOS 16 or Android 6. It’s an easy setup–just download to your own mobile device and start processing and managing sales. 

Coming soon, you’ll see even more features. Take the Clover Go Dock, for instance. Available later this summer, the Clover Go Dock connects the new Clover Go reader to the Go Dock for secure and convenient countertop transactions.

Ready to get started?

Download the Clover Go app from the App Store® or Google Play Store®—just tap one of the icons below from your mobile device.

If you’re already using the previous Clover Go G1 app, be sure to activate the new app with your existing Clover credentials (you’ll need the email, password, and passcode associated with your Clover account).

The updated Clover Go can help take your business mobile fast. It’s easy to use and economical. And, we’re here for you 24/7, when you need a hand. 

Download the new Clover Go

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