Virtual credit card machine for online efficiency

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Clover virtual terminal

A virtual terminal enables you to manually enter, swipe, or dip credit card transactions wherever you have Internet access. Use an online credit card machine to:

  • Process transactions for online, MOTO, and retail purchases
  • Accept credit and debit card payments directly on a computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Perform safe and efficient authorizations with no upfront costs

Enhance your small business with an online credit card machine

Don’t make customers wait on a slow, out-of-date processing solution. Instead, make your customers happy at checkout with an efficient, secure online credit card terminal. A virtual terminal is ideal for small merchants that desire a simple solution at an affordable price.

With a virtual terminal, there is no need to invest in hardware, dedicated phone lines, or costly maintenance packages. A virtual credit card machine for online processing requires none of that, and is easy to access wherever your business takes you.

For more information about a virtual terminal, contact our merchant services team today.

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