Is MOTO credit card processing obsolete?

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The convenience of today’s online services has many consumers wondering what they would do without the Internet. How would they book flights and pay for tickets? Or find that hard-to-find item for a special gift? Or make quick and easy payments without worrying about late fees? These simplified payment options may also be getting merchants to wonder: Is MOTO credit card processing obsolete?

The short answer is, absolutely not!

The need for MOTO credit card processing

MOTO, which stands for Mail Order/Telephone Order, is a type of card-not-present transaction where payment is made for goods or services via mail or over the phone. This option still offers many solutions for merchants who:

As much as consumers rely on the internet to go shopping, pay their bills, and manage accounts, telephone credit card processing is still widely used.

Offering flexible payment options is crucial to customer satisfaction, and many businesses must still consider those customers who may not be internet-savvy, or who are still hesitant to enter their sensitive information on the Internet. This concern is completely understandable, as electronic theft becomes more and more complex with growing technologies.

MOTO processing solutions offer a convenient, reliable way for consumers to make secure payments. In addition, merchants can increase sales while reducing costs, especially if online processing options are not within their means or budget.

Virtual terminals for MOTO credit card processing

While online credit card processing may not be the right solution for every business, credit card processing is certainly a smart choice for any merchant with a need to increase sales and improve customer service.

Merchants who work from home or do not have a brick-and-mortar facility to physically swipe or dip cards need an easy, efficient, and secure method of accepting credit and debit cards, and even eCheck and ACH payments. Merchants can use any computer, smartphone, or tablet with an internet or data connection to securely process payments.

Here’s how a virtual terminal works:

  • A merchant logs into a payment gateway or online account to access the virtual terminal.
  • Credit, debit, or checking account details for each transaction are entered into a form.
  • The merchant clicks a button to complete the transaction.

No additional hardware or software is required.

Do you need MOTO credit card processing?

As a business owner, accepting credit card payments makes it convenient for your customers to pay for goods and services, which helps improve your cash flow and boost profitability.

If you’re looking to accept credit cards and other electronic payments for your mail order/telephone order business, connect with a representative today.

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