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Level 2 (L2) payment capabilities can help you generate more sales, reduce processing expenses, and provide additional reporting data to clients. With L2, you can:

  • Simplify transactions for B2B customers who prefer making big-ticket purchases using business or corporate credit cards
  • Provide accurate reporting, monitoring, and control using more detailed credit card Level 2 data and analytics
  • Reduce costs and minimize risk with PCI-compliant processing solutions

What is Level 2 credit card processing?

Business and corporate payment processing are different from consumer credit card processing:

  • Level 1 card data is normally associated with consumer transactions and provides limited purchase information back to the cardholder.
  • B2B customers typically use Level 2 credit cards to make purchases, especially as the frequency and monetary value of the transactions increase. Level 2 data includes more information to benefit corporate, government, and industrial buyers. This data includes customer codes, tax amounts, tax identifications, and other data.

The primary benefit to the cardholder of Level 2 credit card processing is control. Corporate cardholders often set predefined limits on spending. For example, a company might place restrictions on:

  • The number of monthly transactions per Level 2 credit card
  • The amount of each Level 2 transaction
  • When or how a Level 2 credit card may be used

When processing L2 payments, the merchant sends additional fields, including taxes and codes, with every transaction. Doing so makes it easy for companies to monitor and analyze their spending, which helps them eliminate the risk of inappropriate usage of corporate credit cards.

Benefits of using a PCI-compliant Level 2 service provider

As a B2B merchant, there are many benefits of Level 2 credit card processing. In addition to increasing your customer base to include companies that use L2 credit cards, you can benefit from increased sales, larger tickets, and reduced fees with each purchase. By passing more data through on each transaction, credit card companies offer lower interchange fees in exchange for this additional information.

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