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Krystal Offord of AK Cycle Chic

Meet the Merchant

AK Cycle Chic

Krystal Offord of AK Cycle Chic, a women’s cycling apparel store in... Read more
Person making monthly subscription box selection


5 must-watch trends in retail small businesses for 2023

And, while some retail industry trends are new, there’s an underlying theme... Read more


How to create a restaurant website

Learn how to create a restaurant website that is functional and scalable.... Read more
Clover merchant Fine in Oceanside, CA

Meet the Merchant


Who couldn't use more beauty in their life? Learn how Charley Taylor... Read more
Professional woman working on tablet at desk

Professional services

5 benefits of credit card processing for lawyers, accountants, and other professional services

Professional service firms have lagged behind retail businesses in accepting credit card... Read more
Person writing in notebook during employee training


Importance of cybersecurity training for employees

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and losses from breaches can be devastating.... Read more
Restaurant manager reviewing reports


How to determine and measure your restaurant KPIs

Build a better business with restaurant key performance indicators that can help... Read more
Inspiring Clover merchants in 2022

Meet the Merchant

Here’s to another year of inspiring Clover merchants

Read the stories of some of 2022’s most inspiring Clover merchants. With... Read more
Food delivery confirmation on mobile


Find money-making restaurant marketing ideas and sales techniques

How do you attract more customers to your restaurant? By building a... Read more
Chefs preparing food

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

Should you have a soft opening for your restaurant?

Before you have your grand opening, consider having a restaurant soft opening,... Read more
Tip jar on a counter


5 tips for updating your tipping policy to retain employees

In today's tight labor market, it's more important than ever for restaurants... Read more
Woman with calculator, paperwork, and laptop

Clover app partners

Why Clover merchants should monitor their financial health with Nav

Want to stay on top of your small business’ financial health? Download... Read more
Chef cooking on commercial stove

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

List of essential equipment needed to start a restaurant

This article details the back-of-house equipment needed to start a restaurant, including... Read more
People eating at Dexter's Birdland

Meet the Merchant

Dexter’s Birdland

Orlando-based restaurant Dexter's Birdland's success stems from great food, a prime location,... Read more
Woman making contactless card payment on Clover Mini

Payments & processing

Why is contactless payment good for small businesses? Here are 5 myths debunked.

Contactless payments have surged in popularity, but some merchants still hesitate to... Read more
Woman looking through paperwork on desk

Clover partner solutions

Get your small business ready for the end of the year with Homebase

There are three crucial things that small businesses need to stay on... Read more
People gathered around restaurant bar

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

10 exciting restaurant grand opening ideas

Build a strong community presence by incorporating some of these restaurant grand... Read more
Janelle Russell with Toy Poodle

Meet the Merchant

Chateau 4 Paws

Learn how Chateau 4 Paws - a pet grooming salon in Fayetteville,... Read more
Man leaving store with stack of packages


Seasonal hiring: What to expect during the 2022 holiday season

In 2022, temp job seekers have increased and seasonal employee hiring has... Read more