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Retail shop owner looking at tablet

Clover app partners

What your employees need to know about inventory management

Effective inventory management is a collaborative effort that involves your entire team. Each … Read more
Latino shop owner on tablet in stock room


5 resources every Latinx small business owner should know

As we celebrate Latinx-owned businesses, we explore 5 types of resources available to … Read more
Woman in yellow blazer

Gift cards

4 advantages of gift cards

Attract new customers Increase brand awareness Improve sales by selling and accepting gift … Read more
Grubhub delivery person receiving order

Clover app partners

Make online orders with delivery simple with this Clover-Grubhub solution

We at Clover are thrilled to announce Grubhub integrated into Clover, our first … Read more
Person typing on laptop


Auditing your restaurant’s online presence

Now is an excellent time to assess your online presence and make it … Read more
Phillip Ingram Lonnis Sandwiches owner

Meet the Merchant

Lonni’s Sandwiches

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Phillip Ingram, owner … Read more
Clover merchants who run a catering business

Meet the Merchant

5 takeaways from Clover merchants on building a resilient catering business

With a market-wide uptick in demand for catering services, now’s a great time … Read more
Cocktail with garnishments

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

Happy hour overhaul: Rethinking your drink special (Part 2)

Ready to upgrade your Happy Hour? We asked top-shelf industry experts to serve … Read more
Champagne bottles on ice

Customer service

Launch a VIP customer rewards program

Today, thanks to the robust yet easy-to-use analytics packages rolled into today’s better … Read more
Hands rolling sushi

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

Hosting a class to grow your restaurant & bar sales

Designed strategically, classes can be used to drive sales, reward loyalty, and generate … Read more
Waiter serving steak dinners

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

Should your restaurant switch to a no-tipping policy?

Post-pandemic, some of the big-name restaurants that started the no-tipping movement have started … Read more
Holding a Clover Flex with a green overlay


12 ways Clover Online Ordering makes your POS sing

Get your karaoke machine out, because this POS song will have your whole … Read more
Chefs in kitchen

Biz ops

How smart restaurants deal with rising labor costs

Hourly wages in the restaurant industry are on the rise. For merchants already … Read more
Roses laying on open poetry book


All the ways to C/love/r

How do I love my Clover? Let me count the ways. Read on … Read more
owner of winfield steet coffee standing in front of a sign in his shop

Coffee shops and cafes

Winfield Street Coffee

Breno Donatti fell in love with the restaurant business as a new immigrant … Read more
Bartender mixing drinks


How to open a bar

This article briefly covers some of the more common small business tips all … Read more
Man delivering food order to customer

Clover partner solutions

Clover’s got restaurant delivery covered: 4 services to try

Many restaurants consider order delivery a must-have business. Let Clover help you optimize … Read more
Open sign in window

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

Launching your restaurant right

You’ve spent months of your life, and thousands of dollars, working towards this … Read more
Person cleans bathroom sink


How to start a cleaning business

This guide explains how to start a cleaning business that you can scale … Read more

Meet the Merchant

À La Cart Orlando

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to April Williams of … Read more