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Running a small business is never easy. There’s always paperwork to be done, products to research, and customers to care for.


But with Homebase and Clover, however, you don’t need to manage quite as much. There are more features than ever to keep your business moving. The less time you have to spend on managing documents and paperwork, the more you can invest in excellent customer service and new innovations.


As the needs of your business and your customers change, Homebase and Clover adapt with you to make sure your needs are met.

Time tracking and scheduling

Homebase is synonymous with easy time management. Organize your staff schedule, disseminate information through the free Homebase app for iOS and Android, and allow staff to communicate requests for changes with minimal oversight on your part. 

Staff members can use the app—either on Clover devices or their own—to clock in and out, and their hours will be easily viewable through your dashboard, making payroll a breeze. 

New updates for the Coronavirus pandemic

Most businesses are requiring health checks at the start of every shift to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Now, employees can complete a customizable health screening as part of their clock-in process. Any issues will trigger an alert for managers so they can keep their staff and their customers safe. 

The FFCRA (Families First Coronavirus Response Act) requires businesses to offer paid time off to any employees with COVID-19. Homebase can now track this directly within the app so you have proper documentation and information. 

Recruitment, document storage, and compliance

If you’re looking to expand your team, Homebase can help. There is a library of over 200 pre-written job descriptions you can use as templates when looking to hire new staff. You can post your opportunities on major job boards in less than a minute, organize your candidates in one central place, screen applicants, and schedule interviews. 

Onboarding new employees involves a fair amount of paperwork. Homebase organizes your documents digitally, making it easy to bring on new team members and access their information with just a few clicks or taps. You can also customize a new hire packet so you never have to reinvent the wheel.

Getting started with Homebase

Want to learn more about how Homebase and Clover work together to manage your paperwork and documentation? Check out Homebase and its suite of apps on the Clover App Market.

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