10 easy-to-use August strategies to improve your productivity all year

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Free time is a luxury when it comes to running your own business. But the dog days of summer often bring a more relaxed demand than busier fall months and can offer a breather for many small-business owners.

Taking advantage of increased bandwidth now can mean smoother sailing and less stress as fourth-quarter spending revs back up. 

Start with the big picture

A DIY mentality is totally understandable, and even expected, when running your own business. But how much of what’s on your daily agenda could be delegated, automated, or eliminated all together? Write down what you do each day, and note the tasks that absolutely require your attention and those that may not. 

There are many ways to streamline the process of doing business that make life easier and more productive. Check out 10 easy-to-use strategies that can streamline the process of doing business and make your life easier and more productive. 

Spoiler alert: Many of the apps on our list could significantly free up your time.

1. Hire the help you need

Many businesses are eagerly looking to grow their teams. Indeed Employer: Recruit, Hire by Indeed allows you to post, edit, and utilize templates to seek appropriate candidates, all without stepping away from your Clover POS. 

2. Make scheduling a breeze

The Time Clock and Schedule Clover apps work in tandem to make quick work of staff scheduling and managing time-off requests. They could prove especially useful in the summer months.

3. Automate payroll

Paying employees on time is the mark of any good business owner. The Gusto app automates and accelerates payroll, taking an essential, recurring task off your plate. 

4. Facilitate workday communication 

Even in a small-business setting, calling out to your team from across the room may not be the most efficient way to communicate. Chat App by SPS allows staff to message between devices, for quick and easy sharing of information across front and back of house. 

5. Tap your own team’s expertise

It’s easy to believe you know everything there is to know about your business, especially if you started it from scratch. But the unique perspectives and expertise of those who work in various positions is often undervalued. Take some time to survey and learn from your team by soliciting feedback and perhaps even collaboration. 

6. Track your ins and outs

Reducing waste and tracking customer demand in real time are essential best practices. Shopventory makes it easy to see which products are moving fast (and running low) and which are less popular and might be worth phasing out. 

7. Work from anywhere

Summer may even spell a personal break from the business, or time away to gain some perspective. Should the motivation strike, or urgent tasks come up, you can access your Clover dashboard from anywhere, allowing you to dip back in as needed. 

8. Reward loyal customers

Extending perks to repeat patrons is a tried-and-true strategy for fostering brand loyalty. So, take a look at Clover Rewards, which reaches customers directly on their mobile devices and tracks loyalty programs with minimal fuss. And, it comes free with your Clover system!

9. Take full advantage of Clover’s App Market 

Only you know what’s right for your business. Clover’s App Market is filled with applications designed with unique business needs and circumstances in mind. Run a nail salon? Nail Salon POS is specifically built for you. Operate a liquor store that needs to comply with complex regulations? The Liquor Store app from CobaltConnect can help. Make it a goal to download one new app to further streamline your business operations before the end of summer.

10. Imagine the future of your business

When you’re mired in everyday tasks, it can be tough to step back and think about the future. Now may be a good time to consider the possibilities of what’s to come for your business. Can you take further steps toward in-person offerings, pandemic conditions permitting? Can you imagine what your business may look like in five years? 

Give yourself permission to dream — that may be what got you here in the first place. 

If you have questions about the Clover App Market, or are interested in using Clover to help run your business and take payments, contact a Business Consultant today.

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