6 Valentine’s Day promotion ideas to help boost orders and sales

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February is just around the corner–and so is Valentine’s Day. While love’s in the air, consider turning that Valentine’s Day romance into sweet revenue with the help of these Valentine’s Day promotion ideas and Clover’s seamless and intuitive features.

Whether your business is a floral shop, a restaurant, or an online boutique, Valentine’s Day can be a prime time to boost your sales. Elevate your business with these 6 Valentine’s Day marketing ideas, designed to make your customers fall head over heels in love with your business.

1. Offer Valentine’s Day promotions

Engage new and existing customers this Valentine’s Day by offering themed promotions. From exclusive Valentine’s discounts and buy-one-get-one-free deals to curated sweetheart gift bundles, Clover POS can help you launch an irresistible Valentine’s Day promotion

What’s more, Clover’s reporting feature can help you understand your customers even better– their preferences, purchase habits, favorite products or services, and more. And, you can leverage purchase history information to offer personalized recommendations or create targeted promotions. The more you know about your customers, the better you can tailor your products or special offers to your customers–and the more memorable and valuable impressions you can make.

2. Craft a heartfelt marketing campaign

Get personal with your curated promotions and of-the-moment offers by sharing Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns through email, text, and social media. Like your promotions, the more tailored you can make your campaign, the better. Time-tested tricks include using the customers’ first name as much as possible. And, keep your customers top of mind as your craft your message, always considering how and when they’re likely to use your products or services.

Make sure you include links to all the information your customers may need to place an order with your business, from curated gift guides and gift bundles to discounts and expedited shipping options. Simply, make the decision to order from your business decision an easy one.

3. Showcase Valentine’s Day-themed content across all sales channels

The rise of omnichannel means that customers expect to find an updated and consistent experience across all your sales channels, including your website and social channels. 

On your website, showcase your Valentine’s Day gifts and specials in a visually appealing format. You can feature offers and discounts on the homepage and even tailor your header image or site banner to match the occasion. Gift guides are a great way to engage and hook customers who may be browsing casually. 

Amplify your marketing efforts with themed blog posts and social media content. As always, make sure that your prime offerings are consistent and available across channels. Clover’s ecommerce solutions can help by seamlessly integrating with your online platforms. No website yet? No worries. Clover can help you build one.

4. Allow for self-service purchasing options

Self-service options continue to be in high demand among consumers, and Valentine’s Day shoppers, in particular, might appreciate the privacy they offer. Offering self-service purchase options can also be an efficient way to help save you cash. When it comes to creating an effective self-service experience, offering the payment methods your customers want is crucial. So, be sure to accept all payment types to help make the process as appealing to your customers as possible.

There are a number of ways you can jump on this trend. Online ordering is standard, but buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS) has also gained in popularity. With BOPIS, customers get the benefits of online ordering with the efficiency and speed of same-day pickup. That also means that you still get in-store foot-traffic and customer facetime without the stress of overcrowding.

5. Share the love with Valentine’s Day-themed gift cards

Sometimes, the most thoughtful gift is the power of choice–especially for hard-to-shop-for loved ones. Customers tend to agree–gift cards rank as the most popular gift to receive–over both physical gifts and experiences. In fact, part of the popularity of gift cards is that customers often purchase them for themselves when shopping for someone else. Gift cards can help you capture the hearts of solo Valentines, too.

Make gift cards easily and broadly available to all of your customers by including eGift cards. Clover gift cards offer multiple tools, from custom branding to managing card inventory, to make setting up a gift card program easy and available. Customers can even purchase and redeem gift cards from their smartphone.

6. Ignite a spark with loyalty programs

Cultivate customer relationships that last by instituting loyalty programs and rewards. Offer exclusive discounts, rewards, and presales to your most loyal customers and promote your loyalty program as part of your Valentine’s Day offerings. You can even offer perks like concierge services for the more discerning crowd.

Whether your business is a salon, a coffee shop, or a restaurant, Clover’s Customer Engagement Suite can help your business build promos, manage rewards, and collect customer feedback. 

Remember, you’re not just celebrating the season of love, you’re creating a lasting relationship between your brand and your customers. Seize the opportunity to spread the love. Get started with a Clover POS system today to elevate your business for all occasions.

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