4 awesome apps full-service restaurants need now

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When you run a restaurant, you need to bring your A-game. Managing your finances, inventory, staff, and customer experience can keep you on your toes day and night. But it doesn’t have to be a grind. These smart tools can streamline your business and give you an edge over your competition.

The following apps for restaurant owners are specifically designed for those who want an innovative approach to doing business better. With a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to improving your online ordering process, simplifying tip pooling among staff, managing inventory more transparently, and easing communications between servers and the kitchen staff. This list of best restaurant apps will be a game changer.

Menufy Online Ordering

This restaurant management app uses your menu in Clover to automatically generate a website for online ordering. It charges only $1.50 per order, which you can absorb or pass along to the customer. This single low charge per order is cheaper than signing up with multiple online ordering providers who all take a big cut. Also, the multiple-provider route creates multiple generic online menus, which can confuse customers. With Menufy, customers know they’re ordering from the right place. Plus, the easy customer experience—no login or account creation required, multiple payment options, simple checkout—drives orders and repeat business.


If you’re a restaurant that pools tips, you recognize that everyone on staff—not just the servers—plays an essential role in making customers happy. But collecting, tracking and distributing tips among servers, bartenders, bussers and other staff can get cumbersome. TipHaus does all that heavy lifting right within the Clover ecosystem. Using previously inputted data, the app manages tip pooling, revenue sharing with employees, and peer-to peer distributions. Managers or bookkeepers receive automatic revenue reports by employee on a daily or weekly basis. It even splits tips among order takers when you have a single cashier, so even if an order taker doesn’t close the order, they still get their tip. It’s the app that benefits that everyone from the hostess to the owner.

MarketMan Restaurant Inventory

MarketMan will get your purchasing and inventory management under control. This single app allows you to track the cost of goods sold, monitor inventory in real time and place orders to suppliers without picking up the phone. It helps restaurants big and small, allowing teams to manage inventory and place orders precisely when needed, which leads to less waste and huge savings in time and money. As a cloud-based system, it also sends real time reports and alerts, like when inventory is low or when a menu item becomes less profitable. MarketMan is a powerhouse in restaurant apps.

ChefTab KDS Interface

Save time and supplies by communicating orders directly to your kitchen through a kitchen display. The ChefTab KDS Interface includes touch screen and bump bar functionality, making it a tough performer even in the harshest kitchen environments. This tool is so easy to learn, it won’t require training; your staff will be happy to ditch the old school ticket wheel for this high tech upgrade. Subscription costs are the same no matter how many displays you use, so if you have a large kitchen, it will work just as well!

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