6 reasons Clover is a perfect POS for coffee shops

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Coffee shops have to deal with high volumes of sales, constantly changing menus, and complex orders, so a flexible POS system that can adapt to specific needs is a must. Clover has features that benefit everyone from those who serve customers to those who create schedules, track inventories, and plan for the future.

Choosing the right POS system is key to making life as easy as possible for small business owners. Here are 6 reasons Clover is a perfect POS option for coffee shops. 

1. Flexible setup

Clover’s various products will fit in any space and can be easily adapted as needs change. High-speed environments like coffee shops need to be streamlined and able to optimize the efficiency of your staff. Clover easily connects your POS to ticket printers or a KDS that can be placed wherever makes the most sense for your setup. Forget illegible writing on cups, Clover makes communication between staff members a breeze.    

2. Rewards program

With Clover, you can easily integrate rewards opportunities into your POS, website, and social media accounts. Coffee shops in particular thrive on a base of regular customers so cultivating loyalty among customers is an important way you can protect the longevity of your business. Clover has a whole suite of apps specifically targeted toward connecting with your customers and rewarding them for their business. 

3. Order ahead feature

Clover Online Ordering can help ease the morning rush by enabling patrons to order ahead for pickup. What’s more, the Clover Flex can also allow employees to take orders from customers while they’re in line. And, it’s great for businesses that might be short on space.

4. Data analytics 

The coffee industry is particularly prone to trends and seasonal changes. To avoid waste and optimize profits, it’s important for coffee shop owners to understand trends in their sales. What products are successful? Which are a drain on company resources? Clover Reporting gives small business owners all the data they need to easily answer these questions and many others. You can use this data to predict future sales, optimize your scheduling needs, and identify customer trends. The best part is you can access this info from anywhere on your desktop or mobile phone. 

5. Robust inventory management

More than any other QSR, coffee shops tend to have constantly changing menus. Considering that and current supply chain shortages, it’s necessary to have an exact count of your inventory and a POS that can adapt quickly to changes in availability. Clover’s Inventory app not only lets you keep track of your products and supplies, but also helps you customize your menu items with modifiers and variants that are easily changed or disabled on both in-store and online menus. No matter how complex your menu is, Clover can help you manage the ingredients and supplies you need.  

6. Clover’s app market 

Clover’s constantly growing app market makes it easy to customize your POS to the unique needs of your coffee shop. These apps can make ordering ahead a breeze for customers, help you streamline managerial tasks like payroll and scheduling, and can even help you change prices or items on your menu in a flash

Learn more about how a Clover POS can help coffee shops engage customers, increase traffic, and thrive.

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