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Starbucks may be the 800-pound gorilla, but independent coffee shops continue to hold their own. One reason is the sheer number of customers. A full 75% of the US population is devoted to coffee, with 37 percent of young adults consuming gourmet blends on a regular basis.

Here are easy-to-use apps to help tap this market and compete against the corporate giants. Each app works seamlessly with the Clover system to help boost productivity, marketing reach, and the customer experience.

1. Run a tight ship

There’s no room for waste in coffee shops. Keep on top of what comes in or out with Shopventory. The app tracks inventory across locations, sends alerts when items run low, and identifies slow-moving products to push or discontinue. Maintaining control over the operation directly affects the bottom line.

2. Build schedules in minutes

Like keeping track of products, managing paperwork can be time-consuming. Homebase’s Schedule and Time Clock (we’re counting this suite as one app) makes administrative tasks a breeze. The apps let you build schedules in under three minutes, automatically handle time-off requests, clock people in and out, export timesheets for payroll, and more.

3. Make payroll stress-free

Mess up payroll and you can be hit with unexpected taxes and legal penalties. With Gusto, payroll is quick and accurate. Use the app to do automatic payroll filings, W-2s, 1099s, unlimited payrolls, and direct deposit. Why keep dreading a task that you can put on autopilot?

4. Update signage in a few strokes

Does your menu change a lot? Go the fast, high-tech route to update signage. All it takes is a digital display and the Menu Boards app. Simply make changes to pricing, descriptions, or featured products in the Clover POS system and hit “push.” No hand-lettering or printing jobs required.

5. Use personal deals to increase traffic

Clover Rewards lets you move beyond stamp cards and “buy ten, get one free” offers. With digital programs, you can create multiple perks to reach more customers, and set up bonuses for regulars and VIPs. Offers go straight to the customers’ smartphones—quick incentives to come back for more.

6. Connect with coupons

Paper can still make an impact. Consider rolling out offers on customers’ printed receipts using Promos. The app also lets you send mobile coupons to phones, email addresses, and Facebook. The more channels you use to reach people, the more likely they’ll return for their deals.

7. Spread the word using gift cards

Did you know that customers using gift cards make more unplanned purchases and buy more expensive items? Use Gift Cards to create your own plastic or digital card, add money to cards, redeem them, and track usage on-screen. You can even sell the cards to customers so they can give them to others as gifts.

8. Help customers skip the line

Some people just want to pop in for takeout. Capture a customer’s regular order with ShopScanGo and output a label to scan. Using the app, the customer can instantly send in reorders to your Clover POS and automatically pay—no waiting for orders to be filled and processed.

Another time-saving option is Clover Flex, a micro version of the POS that fits in employees’ hands as they work the line taking orders.

The Clover POS comes with a growing fleet of apps that save time, extend reach, and help you compete. Check out the Clover App Market for more ideas to improve your business.

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