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Dictionary with definition of cross-selling and up-selling

Clover app partners

Cross-selling through loyalty–the power of rewards

Loyalty programs can help businesses keep customers and increase revenue. But, they can … Read more
Woman scanning barcodes with Clover Flex

Biz ops

6 awesome apps for small business retailers

Local retailers pride themselves on making customers happy, but when they’re inundated with … Read more
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New & notable in the Clover App Market: June 2017

This summer, spend more time with your customers. New & Notable in the … Read more
Collage of retailers who use Clover POS

Meet the Merchant

How Clover helps retailers run their businesses: Payments edition

Getting a retail business up and running is a lot of work. Don’t … Read more
Two people discussing restaurant renovation


Restaurant renovations: Understanding costs and budgeting for success

While restaurant renovations often require lots of time, money, and labor upfront, they … Read more
EMV card in Clover Flex


What is EMV credit card processing?

Short for Europay, Mastercard and Visa, EMV card processing leverages fraud-reducing technology that … Read more
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7 tips for marketing to Generation Z

These true digital natives turned 18 in 2015, which means they have started … Read more
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Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

6 event ideas to pack your bar with customers

A consistently slow weeknight in your bar isn’t a drag, it’s an opportunity! … Read more
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Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

Turning the tables: Reviewing restaurant review sites

Given the sheer number of restaurant rating sites, how can you possibly monitor … Read more
Janelle Russell with Toy Poodle

Meet the Merchant

Chateau 4 Paws

Learn how Chateau 4 Paws – a pet grooming salon in Fayetteville, GA … Read more
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New business owner guide to recruiting for retail positions

From creating strong job descriptions to asking effective retail interview questions, use this … Read more
Writing a check

Payments & processing

Why do so many businesses still use paper checks?

All across the country, paper checks are on the decline. Back in 2000, … Read more
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Event marketing strategies for your small business

Looking to host an event to boost your brand profile and expand your … Read more
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Customer service

How to harness the power of shopping music for your business

Choosing the right in-store music for your business is important. It sets the … Read more
People eating at Dexter's Birdland

Meet the Merchant

Dexter’s Birdland

Orlando-based restaurant Dexter’s Birdland’s success stems from great food, a prime location, and … Read more
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Money management

4 benefits of a merchant account

As today’s consumers are increasingly using credit and debit cards to make purchases … Read more
Taco food truck

Biz ops

From food truck to storefront: The concise guide to opening your first permanent location

How do you know if, when, and how to take your show off … Read more
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How to pivot your business for growth

Thinking a business pivot might be necessary for your business to grow and … Read more
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25 digital products to sell and grow your eCommerce business in 2023

Digital products can offer business owners new opportunities to generate income and expand … Read more
O'Shuns Orchard beekeeping

Meet the Merchant

O’Shun’s Orchard

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Kemi Pavlocak of … Read more