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Shopkeepers working on inventory

Clover partner solutions

How to conduct a year-end inventory count

The end of the year is often fun and games for consumers,... Read more
Woman working on a laptop

Payments & processing

Meet Clover Recurring Payments

Clover’s new recurring payments is a convenient and reliable way to get... Read more
Florist processing credit card with Clover Flex

Payments & processing

What is a credit card authorization code?

That customer at your checkout counter could be using a fake or... Read more
Owners of The Walk In and Neon Croissant

Meet the Merchant

The Walk In and Neon Croissant

In this Installment of Meet the Merchant, we interview Erin Ellis, co-owner... Read more
Customer receiving a delivery

Clover app partners

4 reasons restaurants should try the new Clover Online Ordering with Delivery

Now restaurants of all sizes can offer online food delivery service with... Read more
Woman writing in notebook


Understanding the difference between e-commerce and e-business

This distinction remains intact even when you apply an “e” prefix to... Read more
Silver bow on gift

Clover partner solutions

How retailers can get holiday-ready now

If you're in retail, read this before you open your doors to... Read more
Ice Cream on Grand storefront

Meet the Merchant

Ice Cream on Grand

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Syed and... Read more
Woman on laptop with access denied message


The 4 biggest cybersecurity threats and how to protect your business

If you’re used to doing business as an in-person operation, you may... Read more
Sunrise at the beach

Start a small business

How to start a business in California

Against this backdrop, you might also have dreams of launching your small... Read more
Owners of 72 West

Meet the Merchant

72 West

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Steve and... Read more
Clover 2021 Restaurant Holiday Guide


Clover Restaurant Holiday Guide 2021

Download our 2021 Holiday Guide for Restaurants, fresh out of the oven!
Clover 2021 Retail Holiday Guide


Clover Retail Holiday Guide 2021

Download our 2021 Holiday Guide for Retailers, on special order from Clover!
Clover 2021 Services Holiday Guide


Clover Services Holiday Guide 2021

Special delivery from Clover! Download our 2021 Holiday Guide for Service Businesses.
Latino shop owner on tablet in stock room


5 resources every Latinx small business owner should know

As we celebrate Latinx-owned businesses, we explore 5 types of resources available... Read more
Bartender mixing drinks

Start a small business

How to open a bar

This article briefly covers some of the more common small business tips... Read more
Frays Donut House owner Dae-Kun Kim

Meet the Merchant

Fray’s Donut House

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Dae-Kun Kim... Read more
Homebase Payroll for small business

Clover partner solutions

Common hourly payroll mistakes and how to avoid them

Making payroll mistakes is a common and costly pitfall for small businesses.... Read more
Employees in an office


What is paperless payroll?

A paperless payroll system does all of the above, but without the... Read more