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15 ways to mentally prepare yourself for the holiday rush

From supply chain issues to the normal rush of the holidays, small business … Read more
Collage of retailers who use Clover POS

Meet the Merchant

How Clover helps retailers run their businesses: Payments edition

Getting a retail business up and running is a lot of work. Don’t … Read more
Chefs working in restaurant kitchen

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

Food and beverage industry trends for 2022

The food and beverage industry is on the rebound, but continues to face … Read more
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Ideas for seasonal businesses: How to generate revenue off season

Working on your off-season marketing strategy? The key is knowing what to do … Read more
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8 eye-opening stats about why customer rewards programs are crucial to the bottom line

Customer rewards programs are an easy way to boost loyalty—and sales—for your business. … Read more
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Getting Back2Business: grants for minority-owned businesses

The Back2Business program is a multi-tiered initiative meant to strengthen small businesses in … Read more
Chef Shakespeare food truck

Meet the Merchant

Chef Shakespeare

Valda Shakespeare cooks because she loves people and food with all her heart. … Read more
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Customer service

How to respond to negative reviews

Either way, the impact is the same once those reviews are out in … Read more
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Small business legal considerations: What business owners should know

For those starting a small business, the right legal advice can help you … Read more
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Customer service

How & why to offer a referral discount

Referral programs that reward customers for bringing in new business can boost your … Read more
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Customer service

How to optimize the eCommerce checkout flow for your business

Optimizing the eCommerce checkout process is essential for small businesses. Here are some … Read more
Applova for restaurants shown on point of sale system

Clover partner solutions

Labor shortages getting your restaurant down? Forget hiring, think technology

Are labor shortages getting your restaurant down? This technology strategy from Applova could … Read more
Phillip Ingram Lonnis Sandwiches owner

Meet the Merchant

Lonni’s Sandwiches

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Phillip Ingram, owner … Read more
Three nonprofit leaders who use a Clover POS system


How Clover POS supports nonprofits

In need of credit card processing for your nonprofit? Read how Clover has … Read more
Clover merchants who run a catering business

Meet the Merchant

5 takeaways from Clover merchants on building a resilient catering business

With a market-wide uptick in demand for catering services, now’s a great time … Read more
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Gift cards

How to boost gift card sales: 5 ways

Attract more customers and boost revenue with these gift card sales tips. Learn … Read more
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Home & field services

How to make a killer project cost estimate

You’ve made a strong first impression, and you’re about to land a new … Read more
Main Street storefronts


How to find a good location for your business

If you select the wrong spot for your new venture, sales may be … Read more
Clover POS at Citi Field

Clover news

Play ball! Clover makes its Major League debut at Citi Field

Paired with other advanced metrics captured throughout each game, precise numbers like pitch, … Read more
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Designing social ads for your business that really work

You probably already know that social media is a free (or low-priced) way … Read more