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Woman wearing headphones holding book and laptop


5 simple ways small business owners can invest in their own education

Education doesn’t have to be confined to school—it can be a lifelong... Read more
Female chef in commercial kitchen using laptop


5 lessons from Hulu’s ‘The Bear’ on how to run a small business

Hulu’s hit series The Bear is about a small business owner, and... Read more
Retail shop owner looking at clothes on rack

Run your business

5 things you wish you would’ve know before opening your retail store

Imagine if you already knew everything you needed to know about retail... Read more
Owner of Rose City Balloons sitting in front of balloon art

Meet the Merchant

Rose City Balloons

Learn how Betsy Vega of Rose City Balloons uses Clover products to... Read more
Soldier in camouflage saluting


20+ resources every veteran small business owner should know

Are you a member of the military community looking to start or... Read more
Bookstore owner on tablet


3 local bookstores on harnessing the power of community

Local bookstores generate love like no other business. These three shops have... Read more
Female chef cooking chicken

Start a small business

How to open a restaurant

Tips for starting a restaurant The first steps for starting a business include lots of... Read more
clover merchants featured for black business month

Meet the Merchant

5 merchants share lessons they’ve learned as we celebrate Black Business Month

In this installment of our Meet the Merchant series, we’re celebrating Black... Read more
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How small business owners can help banish imposter syndrome

Many small business owners struggle with imposter syndrome. They feel they’ve bitten... Read more
Wine shop owner writing on clipboard


Your small business checklist: 25 things to do before the year ends

As we approach the end of another calendar year, here’s a list... Read more
Santa Catalina Mountains in Arizona

Start a small business

How to start a business in Arizona

The state even offers free resources and tips on how to start... Read more
mother and child eating cheesecake at restaurant

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

How to make a high-performing kids’ menu for your restaurant

Learn how to build a high-performing kids’ menu that boosts sales and... Read more
Woman business owner working with baby on the floor


“Parentrepreneurs” share what it’s like having a baby and running a business

Running a small business is tough. Raising a baby is even tougher.... Read more
Exterior sign of Country Friends of Ohio

Meet the Merchant

Country Friends of Ohio

Woodworker and devoted mom Tami Cox opened a rustic decor shop in... Read more
Person scanning QR code on restaurant check

Payments & processing

How to make payments as easy as possible for your customers and for you

At a time of rising inflation, with recession fears looming on the... Read more
Rollin' Smoke BBQ owner with ribs and mac and cheese


What food truck owners can teach any small business

Food trucks can offer incredible culinary experiences and exciting opportunities for food-minded... Read more
Two people looking at smartphones


7 tips for marketing to Generation Z

These true digital natives turned 18 in 2015, which means they have... Read more
owner of elite practitioner in the office

Meet the Merchant

Elite Practitioner

Read about Emem Obot, owner of Elite Practitioner, who found a renewed... Read more