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Photo of food items from Barocco X Nino

Coffee shops and cafes

Barocco X Nino

A few months before the pandemic hit, Bruno Colozza opened Barocco X Nino, … Read more
Dog licking man's face

Meet the Merchant

Pandemic Pup Relief Tour

Did you enjoy our profile of Harlem Doggie Day Spa and owner Brian … Read more
Owner of Walrus Ice Cream lisa paugh

Meet the Merchant

Walrus Ice Cream

We spoke with Lisa Paugh and Jake Anderson–owner and general manager of Walrus … Read more
Golden Gate Bridge and city scape

By state

California business licenses and permits you may need

Not sure which California business licenses and permits are required for your startup? … Read more
Woman walking outdoors

Health & beauty

10 ways merchants can (and should) lower their stress levels

With all the uncertainty in the world right now, stress is at an … Read more
Fraud highlighted in dictionary


How to reduce loyalty program fraud

“Gaming” a loyalty program? Believe it or not, it happens. But there are … Read more
Coffee shop workers looking at laptop


6 reasons Clover is a perfect POS for coffee shops

Coffee shops are fast-paced, high volume, constantly changing businesses. Having a POS system … Read more
Person scanning QR code on restaurant check

Payments & processing

How to make payments as easy as possible for your customers and for you

At a time of rising inflation, with recession fears looming on the horizon, … Read more
Clover LGBTQ+ small business owners


Support LGBTQ+ small businesses for Pride Month

To celebrate Pride Month, check out these stories of LGBTQ+ SMB owners on … Read more
Staff cooking in restaurant commercial kitchen

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

Simple restaurant kitchen layout ideas to help back of house run easier

Even a simple restaurant kitchen layout can have a major impact. See how … Read more
COVID vaccination stickers


Can employers require COVID-19 vaccines?

Curious about regulations regarding required vaccinations for employees? We now have guidance from … Read more
Woman making mobile deposit


Mobile deposits carry higher fraud risk

Depositing checks has evolved over the years. Self-service ATMs removed the need to … Read more
Chef cooking on commercial stove

Coffee shops and cafes

List of essential equipment needed to start a restaurant

This article details the back-of-house equipment needed to start a restaurant, including a … Read more
Retro vintage camper in a field.


How and why merchants need to take a vacation

It can be tough to take time off when you run a small … Read more
Person typing on laptop


How to write a marketing plan

A marketing plan outlines the actionable steps you need to take toward achieving … Read more
Red weekend sale sign outside a clothing store


Understanding the principles of scarcity and urgency and how they can help drive sales

Scarcity marketing can help generate urgency around purchasing decisions. Make sure your tactics … Read more
Sign outside Inga's Alpine Tavern

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

Inga’s Alpine Tavern

After working for a Catholic school non-profit for 13 years, Mary McKnabb wasn’t … Read more
Mobile payment at food truck


How does Apple Pay® compare to EMV® (chip & PIN)?

Credit card fraud continues to rise, and data breaches are more common. To … Read more
Owner of Latin Tours with women in native dress

Meet the Merchant

Latin Tours

Thirty years after Mauricio Gamero started Latin Tours as an alternative business to … Read more

Payments & processing

What happens when a company experiences a data breach?

As a customer, your credit card issuer or bank may offer liability protection, so … Read more