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Clover partner solutions

7 burning questions you can actually answer with cloud payroll data

What is often considered a burden by business owners? Payroll. But what... Read more
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Clover news

Main Street Momentum Summer Finale

Clover’s Main Street Momentum tour spent the summer visiting partners, merchants, and... Read more

Start a small business

Guide to starting a business out of your home

This has helped some people realize that with the right idea and... Read more
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Meet the Merchant

Frozen Rooster

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak with Mimi Leonard... Read more
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Clover partner solutions

Make online orders with delivery simple with this Clover-Grubhub solution

We at Clover are thrilled to announce Grubhub integrated into Clover, our... Read more
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Run your business

10 easy-to-use August strategies to improve your productivity all year

The dog days of summer can offer a breather for small-business owners,... Read more

Payments & processing

Credit card processing tips for small businesses

Below are four credit card processing tips for small business owners. Use... Read more

Meet the Merchant

Perfume Outlet 1803

This installment of Meet the Merchant features Adi Schwartz Gomez, owner of... Read more

Clover product news

Now use Clover with or without a POS device

You’ve got big dreams for your business. Clover Essentials can help you... Read more
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Money management

How to get a small business loan

There are many reasons why small businesses may need to take out... Read more

Meet the Merchant

The Pupper Club

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Eileen Colavita... Read more


9 tips for hiring in a super-tight labor market

It can be tough to hire great workers in a tight labor... Read more
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How to start an eCommerce business

If you’ve ever considered starting an online store, now may be a... Read more
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Meet the Merchant

Celebrating Black-owned Clover businesses for Black Business Month

In this installment of Meet the Merchant Remix, we’re celebrating Black-owned businesses... Read more
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Run your business

How and why merchants need to take a vacation

It can be tough to take time off when you run a... Read more
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Start a small business

How to open a business bank account

You’ll need a business bank account if you plan to: Register your... Read more
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Clover partner solutions

1099 vs W-2: What You Don’t Know Could Cost You

Employers often refer to independent contractors as "1099" and employees as "W-2"... Read more
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Meet the Merchant

Meet the Merchants in the South and Southwest

If you’re hitting the road for a summer adventure, traveling the countryside,... Read more
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Run your business

How and why your small business needs great photos

Good photography can make a huge difference in the crucial first impression... Read more
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W-2 vs. 1099: Choosing between employees and contractors

Either way, the majority of new hires will likely fit into one... Read more