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Start a small business

10 business lessons from ‘Shark Tank’ for entrepreneurs

The goal of the show is to elicit funding from these angel... Read more
interior view of the hidden gem market

Meet the Merchant

The Hidden Gem

Read the inspiring story behind The Hidden Gem, an artisan market in... Read more
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Biz ops

5 must-have features for your small business POS system

Today’s POS systems do so much more than simply accept payments. As... Read more
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8 ways you can attract new customers to your small business

This free guide explains how to attract customers to your small business.... Read more
Collage of Clover merchants who use gift cards to build business

Meet the Merchant

Dads, grads, and gift cards

With graduation season upon us and Fathers Day just around the corner,... Read more
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Start a small business

Nine of the most profitable small businesses to start this year

The Great Resignation has actually given birth to a large number of... Read more
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Clover partner solutions

How card-on-file subscriptions guarantee revenue and grow your business

Membership subscriptions can boost customer loyalty. Learn how Loyalzoo’s Memberships & Recurring... Read more
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Music festivals are back! How entrepreneurs can get in on the fun and boost business

Music festivals are back, and with them, an influx of crowds ready... Read more
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7 ideas to boost summer sales

This challenge is so common that many smaller businesses plan for it... Read more
Jars stacked of Aliskas Amazing Pickles

Meet the Merchant

Aliska’s Amazing Pickles

In this Meet the Merchant story, we speak to Aliska Walker, owner... Read more
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Run your business

How to make a killer project cost estimate

You’ve made a strong first impression, and you’re about to land a... Read more
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Yes, small business owners take vacations. Here’s how they do it.

Small business owners need vacations more than anyone, yet are way less... Read more
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Customer service

How to respond to negative reviews

Either way, the impact is the same once those reviews are out... Read more

Meet the Merchant

The Batty Lady

Alicia Campbell started quilting at the age of 12. Now, she’s traveling... Read more
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How small businesses can celebrate Pride Month in a genuine way

Pride Month can present an opportunity for small businesses to express their... Read more
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With wedding season booming, vendors find inclusion is good business

Wedding season is booming, but the industry is overwhelmingly white, straight and... Read more
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Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

How to reduce food waste in restaurants

Aside from the environmental and social toll that this waste generates, throwing... Read more
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How three small businesses are dealing with the incredible shrinking workforce

After the biggest disruption to the American workforce in modern history, small... Read more
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How small businesses can analyze and improve their profit margins

As the cost of doing business fluctuates, so does your bottom line.... Read more
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Small businesses are fighting a two-headed dragon: Inflation and supply chain disruption

Inflation and Supply Chain Disruption are huge forces that are dealing unprecedented... Read more