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Four leaf clovers


March promo calendar: Fighting the cold with fun celebrations

There’s a lot more to March than St. Patrick’s Day. Find new ways … Read more
Owners of the Bellflower Chocolate Co.

Meet the Merchant

The Bellflower Chocolate Company

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak with Callie Neylan and … Read more
Co-workers having a disagreement

Run your business

How to handle employee conflict in the workplace: 4 resolution strategies

As a small business owner, handling staff conflict may feel like a distraction … Read more
Man looking at website


How to uncover broken links on your website

One of the things Google looks at when determining where to rank your … Read more
Soldier in camouflage saluting


20+ resources every veteran small business owner should know

Are you a member of the military community looking to start or grow … Read more
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Clover partner solutions

7 burning questions you can actually answer with cloud payroll data

What is often considered a burden by business owners? Payroll. But what generates … Read more
Stylish woman holding shopping bags

Customer service

How & why to offer a referral discount

Referral programs that reward customers for bringing in new business can boost your … Read more
Woman looking at Analytics BusinessQ interface on laptop

Clover app partners

The power of data-driven decisions

Learn how Analytics BusinessQ can help you unlock the potential of Clover data … Read more
Bartender prepping behind the bar

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

5 ways to boost bar business in Dry January and Sober October

By embracing the alcohol-free social trends of Dry January and Sober October, bar … Read more
Bartenders serving drinks

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

5 types of restaurant employee theft, and how to prevent them

Employee theft is a major problem in the restaurant industry. From unlicensed snacking … Read more
autumn maple leaves

Meet the Merchant

Meet the Merchants in the Northeast

Whether you’re taking in fall colors, camping in the countryside, or visiting the … Read more
Two women at checkout counter at Hi-Lonesome Boutique


Sales tax automation can help streamline your retail store’s financial management

Like many retailers, Jen decided to take the plunge and start her Colorado … Read more
Person holding phone in front of laptop

Customer service

How to respond to negative reviews

Either way, the impact is the same once those reviews are out in … Read more
Cook in restaurant kitchen


Health code violations: What they are & how to prepare for an inspection

Customers are unlikely to visit your establishment if it fails to meet basic … Read more
Strip mall with new empty storefronts


6 things to consider before opening a second location for your business

Opening a second location involves a lot of research and planning. Here are … Read more
Couple redeeming gift card at shop


How to increase gift card sales for your small business

For small businesses, selling gift cards can help boost cash flow, expand your … Read more
yellow traffic light


Celebrating Black inventors & entrepreneurs during Black History Month

From the traffic light to the potato chip, Black entrepreneurs and inventors have … Read more
Leaving feedback on mobile phone

Customer service

How to ask for feedback from customers

Getting feedback is hard. Just think about all the purchases you’ve made in … Read more
Owner of Walrus Ice Cream lisa paugh

Meet the Merchant

Walrus Ice Cream

We spoke with Lisa Paugh and Jake Anderson–owner and general manager of Walrus … Read more
A local bar

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

4 cash flow management strategies for bars

For bar owners, managing cash flow is key to keeping the business afloat. … Read more