10 holidays that drove the highest food delivery sales

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Whether it’s families enjoying a meal together to celebrate Christmas Day, or Halloween party-goers seeking a savory nightcap, national holidays are great opportunities for restaurants to drive sales.

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt worldwide, many people turned to food delivery to celebrate the holidays at home. In 2021, an estimated 1.6 billion people were expected to use online food delivery globally, with revenues jumping up from $136 billion in 2020  to over $151 billion in 2021.

2021’s busiest holidays for food delivery

From intimate family dinners to virtual parties to online mixology classes, these new ways to celebrate the holidays often included food delivery as a convenient, stress-free alternative to cooking.

As more people ordered in, which holidays generated the most deliveries for restaurants? Here are the top ten busiest holidays for food delivery in 2021, based on the average number of DoorDash deliveries per open restaurant location:

#1: Christmas Day

#2: New Year’s Day

#3: Valentine’s Day

#4: Labor Day

#5: Mother’s Day

#6: New Year’s Eve

#7: Halloween

#8: Memorial Day

#9: Game Day

#10: Father’s Day

What holiday food delivery trends mean for restaurants

Restaurants can expect these food delivery trends to continue in 2022 and beyond. Want to drive revenue with delivery sales this Christmas Day? Try Clover Online Ordering with Delivery.

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