5 reasons every restaurant needs Clover Online Ordering with Delivery now

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If you haven’t signed up for Clover® Online Ordering with Delivery, now’s the time. Clover Online Ordering with Delivery lets restaurants of all sizes offer their customers the convenience of online food delivery service–right from a Clover POS.

What’s more, orders and payments are processed by Clover and dispatched through DoorDash to your customers–usually for less than most delivery aggregators.

5 reasons to try it now

Check out 5 reasons you need Clover® Online Ordering with Delivery now.

1. Expand your reach and streamline the experience.

Online Ordering with delivery by DoorDash offers an easy, streamlined, and automated experience for you and your customers. And, with DoorDash and its extensive network of drivers, you can expand your reach to customers old and new with delivery–even more than big restaurants with big crews can.

2. Offer delivery to your guests almost any way they dine.

Now you can provide delivery for online orders in addition to takeout, curbside pickup, and dine-in. That gives you the power to serve customers their orders almost any way they want them. And it comes with all the contactless, online ordering Clover offers on the web or app. 

3. Centralize order and business management for more control.

When you sign up for Clover Online Ordering with Delivery, orders are automatically dispatched to DoorDash drivers for delivery. That means centralized end-to-end control of online orders–menu creation, inventory, ordering, payments, and reporting–all processed through Clover with delivery dispatched to DoorDash. And that makes your restaurant a one-stop order and delivery shop.

4. Get more bang for your buck out of your Clover POS

Clover Online Ordering with Delivery generally costs less than orders delivered through aggregators, like Uber Eats and Postmates. DoorDash® charges a $6.99 delivery fee per order, invoiced monthly, and you have the option to pass through some or all of the delivery fees to your customers. That could mean more revenue per order for you and lower delivery fees for your customers. And, offering your customers more ways to place orders– through Clover Web Ordering and the Clover app–can boost your online order volume and your revenue.

5. Setting up delivery is as easy as pie.

Just click on the “Delivery” button in the Online Ordering Hub of your dashboard now to get up-and-running. It’s that easy!

Not set up for Clover Online Ordering?

No worries. Click here to get started with online ordering and then set up delivery. To learn more about Clover Online Ordering with Delivery, visit the Clover Help Center or check out this video.

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