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Arms with henna tattoo holding candle


With wedding season booming, vendors find inclusion is good business

Wedding season is booming, but the industry is overwhelmingly white, straight and binary-gendered. … Read more
Funny tip jar sign about cats and student debt

Coffee shops and cafes

4 simple and creative ways to ask for tips at your business 

The traditional practice of tipping is adapting to changing times, economic pressures, and … Read more
Woman on laptop in shop

Payments & processing

What is OptBlue by American Express®?

When businesses decide to accept credit cards, they typically sign up for a … Read more
Woman using Clover Station POS

Clover app partners

6 reasons to start using Clover Customer Engagement now

From managing customer feedback, offering special promos, or rewarding your best customers, the … Read more
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Payments & processing

Save time with credit card batch processing

Batch credit card processing allows you to process multiple transactions at one time. … Read more
Six mailboxes on a wall


Business accelerators: How mobile coupons can boost foot traffic & drive sales

Everyone loves a bargain. That fact doesn’t change. What does change is the … Read more
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Auditing your restaurant’s online presence

Now is an excellent time to assess your online presence and make it … Read more
No Limits Cafe

Meet the Merchant

No Limits Cafe

No Limits Cafe knows how to bring community together—from its staff to its … Read more
Myriam Nicolas of Brown Butter


Spotlight on Brown Butter

Brown Butter reinvents the Brooklyn café scene When Myriam decided to open an … Read more

Payments & processing

What happens when a company experiences a data breach?

As a customer, your credit card issuer or bank may offer liability protection, so … Read more
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How to do payroll for your small business

This article outlines some of the most important steps to follow when you … Read more
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Health & beauty

10 ways merchants can (and should) lower their stress levels

With all the uncertainty in the world right now, stress is at an … Read more
Wallet with credit cards


8 different types of credit cards for businesses and consumers

Asking the question of why so many different kinds of credit cards can be answered … Read more
Phillip Ingram Lonnis Sandwiches owner

Meet the Merchant

Lonni’s Sandwiches

In this installment of Meet the Merchant, we speak to Phillip Ingram, owner … Read more
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Clover product news

BluePay is now Clover

BluePay, a leading provider of technology-enabled payment processing for North American merchants, has … Read more
Woman looking at Analytics BusinessQ interface on laptop

Clover app partners

The power of data-driven decisions

Learn how Analytics BusinessQ can help you unlock the potential of Clover data … Read more
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4 reasons why winning awards is important for your business

Given this flood of marketing messages, it’s simply not possible for any individual to sort … Read more
mother and child eating cheesecake at restaurant

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

How to make a high-performing kids’ menu for your restaurant

Learn how to build a high-performing kids’ menu that boosts sales and attracts … Read more
Three salon chairs

Biz ops

5 questions to ask before you open a salon

Chances are good that you got into the beauty business because you’re creative … Read more
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Biz ops

13 must-read money management tips for small businesses

Cash flow may sound simple—just make more money than you spend—but for many … Read more