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Millennials spelled in Scrabble tiles


Business trends & research roundup: millennial customers

What are the experts, surveys and latest research reports saying about appealing to … Read more
Kathleen London of London Beauty

Meet the Merchant

London Beauty

In this Meet the Merchant, we speak to Kathleen London, owner of London … Read more
Exchanging gift card

Customer service

Four smart ways you should approach your gift cards program

Gift cards are far from a last-minute gifting option. In fact, people love … Read more
Bar graph in notebook

Biz ops

5 questions to ask when sales are down

When running a business there are many things to account for in ensuring … Read more
Woman holding tablet writing notes


How to franchise your small business

Considering expanding your restaurant, retail, or service business? Learn how to franchise your … Read more
Chef cutting a pizza

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

How to open a ghost kitchen

As the world returns back to normal, a new dining trend is gaining … Read more
Table with laptops

Customer service

Merchant talkback: What’s your biggest business challenge and how are you handling it?

Wondering how neighboring business get through their biggest challenges? Here’s how they’re overcoming … Read more
Homeless man holding change cup

Clover app partners

Crowd pleasers: Aligning your business with a cause

The new year is a great time to align your business with a … Read more
Purse boutique owner standing outside storefront


How Clover POS supports working mother entrepreneurs

For Mother’s Day, we are celebrating the amazing women who balance motherhood with … Read more
Woman stretching arms above head


15 ways to mentally prepare yourself for the holiday rush

From supply chain issues to the normal rush of the holidays, small business … Read more
Bartenders behind bar

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

6 event ideas to pack your bar with customers

A consistently slow weeknight in your bar isn’t a drag, it’s an opportunity! … Read more


Spotlight on Ragtrade Atlanta

Over the last seven months, small businesses across the U.S. – particularly minority-owned … Read more
Men moving a pallet of boxes in a warehouse


Overtime tax: How to calculate withholdings and track hours

Did you know that your employees’ overtime hours could affect payroll taxes? Learn … Read more
Baseball on a chalk line

Clover news

New York Boulders Introduce Clover Stadium

Rockland County, NY (January 25, 2022) – The New York Boulders announced today their … Read more
latina women packaging clothes for online boutique


Celebrating Latinx inventors and entrepreneurs during Hispanic Heritage Month

This Hispanic Heritage month, Clover celebrates the ingenuity and expansive reach of Latinx … Read more
Ildiko Juhasz, co-owner of Clover merchant

Health & beauty

Ildikó Juhasz is the co-founder of, a dermatology clinic in Calgary, Alberta. … Read more
Employee at outdoor cafe

Customer service

How to handle difficult customers effectively

Whether it’s because someone on your staff made a mistake or because that … Read more
Landscaper looking at clipboard

Home & field services

How to make a killer project cost estimate

You’ve made a strong first impression, and you’re about to land a new … Read more
Restaurant manager looking at papers

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

How to write a great restaurant shift report (with an example)

Completing a daily shift report helps you share information with your team and … Read more
Man making purchase on mobile phone


Social commerce vs. eCommerce: What’s right for your business?

These days, there are endless ways for your business to show up online. … Read more