4 ways Clover supports beauty, health, and other personal services businesses

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Collage of six personal services merchants who use Clover

Small businesses–those who have 500 employees or fewer–make up 99.9% of all businesses in the U.S. And one sector, especially, is growing rapidly: businesses focused on beauty, health, and other personal services. Yet, every day they have to compete with major corporations for resources, labor, and customers.

To succeed in this competitive market, these businesses need efficient teams and tools to provide excellent service, streamline operations, and foster customer loyalty. That’s where Clover POS comes in.

See how Clover empowers beauty and personal services merchants to set up and grow their businesses—and deepen customer relationships.

1. Manage payroll and scheduling in one place

Managing schedules and appointments for employees, contractors, and customers can be a major time sink for business owners. Clover’s POS system and App Market offer convenient, powerful, and flexible tools to help run all aspects of operations.

Scott and Pepper Poe run Picayune Microblading in Picayune, Mississippi. At their salon, the couple manages a team of independently contracted stylists and aestheticians. Coordinating payroll used to be a time-consuming, manual process, but now everything is coordinated through Clover.

“Our contractors are now all set up with direct deposit. I just log in to the Clover Dashboard, and, in less than a minute, I have my employees paid.” Scott adds, “They can also log in themselves to check their earnings after each shift. Payroll went from a six-hour ordeal once a week, right down to about ten minutes.”

With their salon POS system, the Poes are also able to streamline appointment booking with their preferred scheduling software.

“Before Clover, clients had to call to schedule, and I was tracking all those appointments manually,” explains Scott. “Now, 99% of our booking goes through Salon Scheduler, available in the Clover App Market, which immediately syncs to Clover. This frees up the phones and my time to concentrate on other things.”

Bret Wojciak of Mountain Medicine Integrative Wellness Center in Flagstaff, AZ, also appreciates the integration Clover offers with his preferred scheduling management system, Booker.

“We came to Clover because we were using Booker for our staff and patients,” says Wojciak, “and the scheduling and payment processing services work together seamlessly.”

2. Incentivize customers and deepen relationships

For Dr. Ramirez, patient-centered care is more than good business practice; it’s the reason she became a physical therapist in the first place.

“Growing up as a Hispanic woman, I saw the disparities in health care that not only prevented access, but also sowed distrust in the healthcare system,” shares. Dr. Ramirez. “So I really looked for providers, vendors, and other local businesses that provided top-notch services, so that we could pass that service along to our patients. Clover was one of those companies that was easy to implement into our practice because they hold our same values and mission, and they have helped us grow.”

As Dr. Ramirez demonstrates, listening to customers to understand their needs is the first step on the path to deeper customer relationships and loyalty. Clover Customer Engagement provides an all-in-one platform to store client info–like a preferred service provider, treatment, or nail color–collect private feedback from customers, and send out rewards and promotions.

What’s more, the Clover mobile app automatically checks customers in and lets you know when they arrive, a feature Kat Jones of Hair Studio 18 in Denton, TX, uses in her salon.

“When my clients come check-in on the app, I give them $5 off any service or product for every $100 they spend,” tells Jones. “They love that aspect of it. They can also write private reviews for us on that same app.”

That direct feedback is invaluable to help meet your clients where they are. For Taryn Watson, listening to her clients helped her find a creative, new service to incorporate into Body & Flo Rx.

“We now provide concierge services. We’re right near Newark Airport, so if someone’s landing there, suffering from jetlag, we can send a nurse to their hotel to provide IV infusion therapy to help them combat that,” Watson shares. “If they’re not able to come into the office or they can’t come to us, we can always come to them. 

3. Diversify revenue streams

Selling retail merchandise often goes hand-in-hand with offering personal services—think salon-quality hair care products or medical-grade skin creams. With the help of Clover, businesses can easily incorporate retail sales as an additional revenue stream.

For Ricardo Barragan, co-owner of Ricky Styles Studio in Seattle, WA, adding online retail came in handy when his salon shut its doors in March of 2020.

“Because of Clover, we were able to take a lot of our retail products and sell them online, which worked out really well,” Barragan explains. “It was a great way for our customers to feel like they were contributing to our business, but also for me, it was good peace of mind to know that my clients were able to continue using the hair care products we recommended before they came back into the salon again.”

Post-pandemic, he still utilizes that online retail space and is happy he set it up.

”Once we set it up, it was really easy to navigate, add products and services, and to ring up clients in a way that was easy, fast, and effective.” Barragan continues, “We went from primarily in-person services to also incorporating retail online, and making that a smooth, easy transition through Clover has been just wonderful.” 

4. Manage business anywhere 

For Crystal Render, owner and stylist of Crystal Marie’s Divine Designs in Cincinnati, OH, Clover’s biggest perk is the reporting functionality, which helps her monitor her sales in real time–in the salon and at home.

“I’m able to track my transactions for the day by just hopping into the app real quick,” Render notes. “Back when I started my business, we had to batch out manually, wait for a printed sheet to give you your totals. When I switched to Clover, I can look at my dashboard from home at the end of the day to know what my totals are.”

Learn more about Clover POS for personal services businesses.

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