How you can use QR code ordering to make your restaurant service more personal

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During the pandemic, many restaurant owners scrambled to adopt QR code ordering for contactless service and deliveries. Now, you can use a restaurant QR code to deliver an efficient, personalized guest experience that wows.

Contactless technologies, like QR codes, don’t necessarily mean eliminating human touchpoints. On the contrary, they can help create even better ones. Dine-in customers, for instance, can use their smartphones and a QR code to control how and when they place an order or start a tab. That frees up your front-of-house staff to make recommendations or answer questions–creating an even better in-person experience for your customers. 

The power of a restaurant QR code can give your staff more time to focus on guests. Here are three ways your restaurant can use QR codes to create a more personal guest experience.

1. Give guests more control over their experience

Using QR codes can help you take your menu, orders, and payments digital, allowing guests more flexibility and control over their experience. For example, guests can scan a QR code with their smartphone to view the menu, see their tab, order from the bar, and split the check as they wish. When the meal’s over, your guests can sign up for your loyalty program and even a newsletter digitally. Plus, you can store information about a guests’ dining preferences and favorite dishes for their next visit right in your restaurant POS system with customer engagement software.

2. Boost operational efficiency

QR codes not only offer guests more control, they can also deliver time savings for everyone–your staff included. Since guests can review menus, place orders, and pay with QR codes, employees can redirect time to delivering a quality product and experience to your guests. And that can also mean more tables served, more efficiently with fewer errors.

Even better, using QR code technology can help reduce supply costs–think fewer menus to update, less receipt paper, and less printer ink.

3. Synchronize front- and back-of-house staff  

QR code ordering can improve course timing, preparation, and accuracy by connecting your front- and back-of-house staff through a seamless, digital POS system. Even if you’re short-staffed, a Clover POS system with QR code ordering can keep your staff connected and your restaurant humming with contactless features like Scan to Order and Scan to Pay.

Scan to Order lets guests place orders from their mobile devices using the restaurant QR code, and lets you update digital menus on the spot, assign table numbers to orders to help ensure food is delivered to the correct table, and make certain servers receive the tips they’re due. And, with Scan to Pay guests can review and split the bill, add a tip, and pay from their smartphones. That means, servers can spend less time on the bill and more time covering tables–and creating a great guest experience.

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Explore restaurant QR code capabilities

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