17 restaurant job descriptions for front of house

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Restaurant server bringing glasses to table

Step into the exciting realm of front-of-house hospitality, where first impressions and impeccable service set the stage for extraordinary dining experiences. From warm welcomes at the door to attentive servers ensuring every need is met, front-of-house restaurant staff duties and responsibilities play a pivotal role in the success of any dining establishment.

Whether you aspire to hire a gracious host, skilled server, or masterful events manager, knowing what it takes to succeed in each role can support you in hiring the right front of house team for your own restaurant. Get started today with our sample job descriptions.

Restaurant host job description

Join our team as a welcoming host, creating the first impression for our guests. You’ll greet diners with a warm smile, manage reservations, and seat guests according to their preferences. Your exceptional communication skills and knowledge of the establishment will guide diners to their tables, ensuring a seamless flow of service. As the face of the restaurant, your professionalism and courteous demeanor contribute to a positive dining experience. With the ability to handle busy periods gracefully, you’ll play a crucial role in setting the stage for enjoyable meals.


  • Professional and friendly demeanor
  • Adaptability to handle high-pressure situations
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Knowledge of the restaurant layout and menu offerings
  • Strong organizational abilities for managing reservations and seating

Restaurant server job description

Servers provide exceptional customer service, take orders, deliver food and beverages, and ensure a highly enjoyable dining experience. Strong communication, multitasking, and interpersonal skills are crucial. A friendly demeanor, the ability to work under pressure, and attentiveness to guests’ needs are essential. Prior food service experience is helpful, though additional training will be provided. Successful servers will display a positive attitude, strong passion for hospitality, and attention to detail.


  • Multitasking abilities
  • Highly attentive to details
  • Strong communication skills
  • Friendly and outgoing personality
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Prior food service experience is preferred

Cashier job description

Join our team as a cashier, responsible for accurately processing customer orders and payments. Your role involves greeting guests, taking orders, and handling transactions with efficiency and accuracy. With excellent communication skills, you’ll answer customer inquiries and provide a positive dining experience. Your attention to detail can help ensure order accuracy and proper cash handling. As a reliable team member, you’ll contribute to a smooth service flow and uphold our commitment to customer satisfaction. Your friendly demeanor and strong organizational abilities are essential in creating a welcoming atmosphere for our valued guests.


  • Strong communication skills for interacting with customers
  • Proficient in processing orders and handling cash transactions
  • Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced restaurant environment
  • Attention to detail to help ensure order accuracy and proper payment handling
  • Friendly and welcoming demeanor for creating a positive customer experience

Busser job description

As a busser, you play an integral role in maintaining our restaurant’s cleanliness and smooth operation. Your responsibilities include clearing and resetting tables, assisting servers, and ensuring a tidy dining area. Your attention to detail contributes to a welcoming ambiance for guests. With efficient multitasking, you’ll handle various tasks such as refilling water glasses and restocking supplies. Your teamwork and communication skills enable seamless collaboration with the front-of-house staff.


  • Team player with good communication skills
  • Attention to detail in table setup and resetting
  • Adaptability to fast-paced restaurant dynamics
  • Ability to work efficiently and maintain a clean environment
  • Willingness to assist servers and contribute to a positive guest experience

Food runner job description

Join our team as a food runner, responsible for delivering culinary creations from the kitchen to the guests’ tables. Your role involves coordinating with kitchen staff, ensuring accurate orders, and maintaining food quality during transit. With attention to detail, you’ll verify dish presentation and garnishes before serving. Your efficiency and clear communication contribute to seamless service and a positive dining experience. Your teamwork skills allow you to collaborate effectively with both front-of-house and kitchen teams. Your commitment to precision enhances the overall satisfaction of our valued guests.


  • Ability to work efficiently in fast-paced environments
  • Team player attitude for smooth collaboration with staff
  • Attention to detail to verify dish accuracy and presentation
  • Commitment to maintaining food quality and guest satisfaction
  • Effective communication skills for coordinating with kitchen and servers

Barista job description

As a skilled barista, you’ll be the artisan behind our coffee creations, crafting exceptional beverages for our customers. Your role involves brewing coffee, preparing specialty drinks, and ensuring consistency in taste and presentation. With a friendly demeanor, you’ll engage with guests, take orders, and provide product information. Your attention to detail contributes to a clean and organized coffee station. With the ability to multitask and handle busy periods, you’ll thrive in a fast-paced café environment. Your passion for coffee and dedication to customer satisfaction shape memorable experiences for our valued guests.


  • Ability to multitask in a fast-paced café setting
  • Strong customer service and communication skills
  • Experience in coffee preparation and beverage crafting
  • Attention to detail for consistent taste and presentation
  • Passion for coffee and commitment to creating positive experiences

Expeditor job description

As an expeditor, you’ll be the crucial link between the kitchen and the front-of-house team. Your role involves ensuring orders are accurately prepared, properly plated, and promptly delivered to guests. With clear communication, you’ll collaborate with both sides to guarantee seamless service and exceptional food quality. Your attention to detail helps maintain presentation standards, while your multitasking skills enable you to handle multiple orders simultaneously. Your ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment and your commitment to enhancing the dining experience contribute to a smoothly orchestrated culinary journey for our guests.


  • Team player attitude for effective collaboration
  • Ability to multitask and handle fast-paced situations
  • Attention to detail to maintain food presentation and accuracy
  • Strong communication skills for coordinating kitchen and service teams
  • Commitment to ensuring exceptional food quality and service efficiency

Bartender job description

Join our team as a skilled bartender, crafting unforgettable experiences through expertly mixed beverages and exceptional customer service. Your role involves preparing and serving a diverse range of drinks, engaging with guests, and maintaining a welcoming bar atmosphere. With a keen attention to detail, you’ll uphold quality standards, manage bar inventory, and ensure a smooth bar operation. Strong communication skills and a friendly demeanor are essential, contributing to an enjoyable time for our valued guests.


  • 21+ years of age or older
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills
  • Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong attention to cleanliness and hygiene standards
  • Prior bartending experience and knowledge of drink recipes
  • Proficiency in crafting a wide variety of cocktails and beverages
  • Valid bartender license is a plus

Barback job description

As a barback, you play a vital role in maintaining our bar’s smooth operation. You’ll support bartenders by restocking supplies, ensuring cleanliness, and assisting in the preparation of beverages. Your attention to detail helps maintain an inviting atmosphere, while your teamwork contributes to seamless service. You’ll also handle tasks like changing kegs and organizing inventory. Your proactive approach and adaptability contribute to a positive customer experience and the overall success of our bar.


  • 21+ years of age or older
  • Physical stamina and ability to lift and carry heavy items
  • Proactive attitude and willingness to assist the bar team
  • Strong organizational skills for efficient inventory management
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
  • Good communication skills and teamwork abilities

Bar manager Job Description

As a bar manager, you’ll orchestrate bar operations, from staff supervision and inventory management to ensuring top-notch service and customer satisfaction. Your role involves maintaining a welcoming atmosphere, developing innovative drink menus, and fostering a collaborative team. With a keen eye for detail, you’ll ensure impeccable standards, drive profitability, and create an exceptional experience for guests.


  • 21+ years of age or older
  • Strong leadership and team management skills
  • In-depth knowledge of beverage trends and mixology
  • Proven experience in bar management or supervisory role
  • Exceptional organizational and communication abilities
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment

Assistant manager job description

As an assistant manager, you’ll support the general manager in overseeing daily operations. You’ll lead the team, ensure outstanding customer service, and maintain quality standards. Your role involves staff training, managing schedules, and assisting with organizing inventory. With strong leadership and communication skills, you’ll help create a positive dining experience for guests. Your dedication to team development, problem-solving, and operational efficiency will contribute to the restaurant’s success and uphold our commitment to excellence.


  • Strong leadership and communication skills
  • Proficiency in staff training and scheduling
  • Organizational abilities for maintaining quality and efficiency
  • Previous experience in restaurant management or supervisory role
  • Knowledge of food safety regulations and customer service principles

Restaurant manager job description

Lead our establishment as a dedicated restaurant manager, overseeing daily operations and ensuring exceptional customer experiences. Your role involves supervising staff, managing budgets, and maintaining quality standards. With strong leadership skills, you’ll mentor and motivate the team while fostering a positive work environment. Effective communication will ensure seamless coordination between front of house and kitchen teams. Your adaptability and problem-solving skills enable you to handle challenges and busy periods with ease. Your commitment to excellence drives customer satisfaction and the overall success of our restaurant.


  • Strong leadership and team management skills
  • Proficiency in budgeting and resource management
  • Effective communication and coordination abilities
  • Adaptability to handle challenges and busy periods efficiently
  • Proven experience in restaurant management or supervisory role

Service manager job description

As a service manager, you’ll lead our front-of-house team in delivering exceptional dining experiences. Your role involves supervising staff, overseeing daily operations, and ensuring seamless customer service. You’ll manage reservations, address guest concerns, and collaborate with kitchen staff for efficient service. Your strong leadership skills will foster teamwork, staff development, and adherence to quality standards. With a hands-on approach, you’ll maintain a welcoming ambiance, drive customer satisfaction, and contribute to the overall success of the establishment.


  • Excellent leadership and team-building skills
  • Strong customer service and problem-solving abilities
  • Organizational proficiency for coordinating operations and staff
  • Knowledge of food and beverage industry regulations and trends
  • Proven experience in restaurant management or supervisory role

General manager job description

Join our team as a general manager, overseeing all aspects of our establishment’s operations. You’ll lead and mentor staff, ensure exceptional service, and manage financial performance. Your role includes implementing strategies for growth, maintaining high standards of quality, and fostering a welcoming atmosphere for guests. With a strong focus on leadership, you’ll drive team cohesion, optimize efficiency, and uphold our commitment to outstanding dining experiences. Your decision-making, organizational skills, and dedication will shape the success of our restaurant and leave a lasting impact on both customers and the team.


  • Strong leadership and team management skills
  • Proficiency in financial management and budgeting
  • In-depth knowledge of the food and beverage industry
  • Exceptional organizational and decision-making abilities
  • Proven experience in restaurant management or similar leadership role

Catering manager job description

As a catering manager, you’ll orchestrate memorable events through meticulous planning and coordination. Your role involves liaising with clients, understanding their needs, and curating customized catering experiences. With strong organizational skills, you’ll oversee menu selection, food preparation, and on-site execution. Your effective communication ensures seamless collaboration with both clients and internal teams. Managing budgets and resources, you’ll uphold quality standards while exceeding expectations. Your leadership and problem-solving abilities contribute to successful events, leaving a lasting impression on clients and guests alike.


  • Budget management proficiency
  • Effective communication abilities for client interactions
  • Experience in event planning and catering coordination
  • Strong organizational skills for menu selection and execution
  • Leadership and problem-solving aptitude for successful event execution

Events manager job description

As an events manager, you’ll create unforgettable experiences within our establishment. Your role involves understanding client needs, event planning logistics, and coordinating every detail for seamless execution. With meticulous attention to detail, you’ll manage budgets, timelines, and collaborate with internal teams. Effective communication skills will guide interactions with clients, guests, and staff. Your creativity and problem-solving abilities ensure each event exceeds expectations. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, your expertise will elevate dining experiences, leaving a lasting impression on guests.


  • Budget management proficiency
  • Strong organizational skills for managing event logistics and details
  • Experience in event planning and coordination within the restaurant industry
  • Creativity and problem-solving aptitude for crafting unique dining experiences
  • Effective communication abilities for client interactions and team collaboration

Director of operations job description

Join us as a director of operations, overseeing the entire scope of our establishment’s functions. Your role involves strategic planning, performance management, and ensuring consistent operational excellence. With leadership skills, you’ll guide managers, foster teamwork, and uphold quality standards. Effective communication will drive seamless coordination between departments and guarantee guest satisfaction. Your financial acumen will optimize resources and contribute to business growth. From staff development to customer experience, your holistic approach shapes the restaurant’s success. Be a key player in shaping our establishment’s continued growth and exceptional reputation.


  • Effective communication and coordination aptitude
  • Leadership abilities for guiding and motivating teams
  • Proven experience in restaurant management or leadership role
  • Strong strategic planning and performance management skills
  • Financial expertise for resource optimization and business growth

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