5 apps that will transform restaurant management

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Nothing ruins the perfect meal like bad customer service. Now with these 5 apps from Clover you can offer a seamless restaurant experience. From online orders, to managing your franchise, to guest management, Clover has you covered. Here are 5 apps every restaurant needs from the good people at Clavo: 

Clavo Waitlist

Clavo Waitlist lets the hostess check customers in with their names and cell phone numbers. Because Clover Waitlist works together with Clover Tables, Maître D’s can give more accurate estimates of wait times and send a text message to customers when their tale is ready. Even better, unique color coding helps track how long a customer has been waiting against their estimated wait time so you don’t get unexpected negative reviews on Yelp! Once the table is ready, the host can drag and drop that guest’s name to the table where they’ve been seated and monitor service from Clavo Tables.waitlist

Clavo Tables

Clavo’s free table management app for restaurants is a one-stop control center for restaurant managers. Simply arrange your tables by section and you can seat parties easily, assign wait staff, and monitor table activity. Clavo Tables also helps you monitor service. Each stage of the customer lifecycle is shown real time: It immediately updates when a table is open, whether guests have just been seated, if they’ve ordered, paid, or the staff is clearing the table. Restaurant managers know exactly how long a table has been waiting to order, or waiting for their food. Clavo Tables also feeds into Clavo Waitlist and Clavo Order Pad for consistent guest management.

Clavo Order Pad

Clavo Order Pad allows servers to take orders right at the table and give customer exactly what they want. Gluten free? Sauce on the side? Extra pickles? Clavo apps can handle sophisticated orders with multiple modifiers and send them directly to the kitchen printer. There’s no need to type in every instruction—the entire menu is right in the app along with all possible modifications. Employees select items and it automatically moves on to the next possible modifier. Even better, customers don’t have to wait at a counter to pay—waiters can process payments right at the table. Simply click on checkout and it uses the existing clover payment API.orderapp

Clavo Online Order

Take the take-out market by storm. Whether on their phone or computer, take outorders are a great way to boost sales. Clavo Online Order makes it easy and affordable with 3 tiers of pricing. Choose the level of service that’s right for you.onlineorder

Clavo Hub

Have more than one location and need to update a price, or offering in every store? No problem. With Clavo Hub you can manage all your Clover accounts in one place and update menus instantly.

Your food is divine, the ambiance is flawless—now upgrade your service at the clover app market today.

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