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As businesses of all sizes across the country get back to business and adjust to a post-pandemic marketplace, connecting (and reconnecting) with customers is more important than ever. But in an environment where physical contact is still limited in many areas, it can be tough for small businesses to engage personally with customers.

That’s exactly what the Clover app helps merchants do: connect with their customers. 

An app for all seasons

Clover (the app available on both android and iOS) is a feature-rich, easy-to-use app that puts your business right in your customers’ pockets.

Check out a few of the latest and greatest features:

  • Integration with Clover Online Ordering. The Clover app just made ordering ahead and paying possible for your customers. Now, customers can skip the line by ordering and paying ahead and pick up their order when it’s ready. One of the most convenient features of the app is that it remembers your customers’ usual orders to make reordering their faves a snap. Plus, you can encourage more reorders by offering a rewards program so your customers can earn perks with every order.
  • Rewards on-the-go. Integrated with the Clover Customer Engagement suite, Clover lets you give your customers a rewarding way to stay loyal and offer feedback, all within the app. 
  • Contactless payment. With sanitation playing such a huge role in getting back to business, contactless payment could become your business’ best friend. Using the Clover app, customers can use their phone to place a mobile order, earn perks, and access promos—all without scanning codes or fussing with gadgets at the register. 
  • Bluetooth beacon. Built into most Clover devices, Clover’s bluetooth beacon can pick up the Clover app signal when your customer enters your business or checks in on the app. So, you’ll always know when your most loyal customers are in the house—or at your counter.

Curious how the Clover app works? Take a look for yourself:

It’s great for consumers

The Clover app offers some super-convenient benefits to consumers—especially in a post-pandemic marketplace. With the Clover app, customers can order ahead, skip the line, and even make a payment. 

The Clover app also saves favorite orders, and lets customers earn and manage rewards. And getting started is simple: customers just download the mobile app, search for your business, and find your branded listing. In seconds, they can begin tracking and redeeming rewards, order ahead, and easily reorder their favorites. 

It’s great for businesses

The Clover app is completely free to businesses who use Clover. What’s more, it automatically syncs with  the Clover web dashboard. Even better, there’s absolutely no need for an additional device. It makes your loyalty program visible to anyone who uses the app. That’s great for small spaces and busy merchants. 

Internal data shows 49% of consumers who’ve ordered through the app have ordered again. That means plenty of repeat business for merchants. Considering the costs of acquiring new customers can be 5-25x more than retaining existing customers, one of the best ways to grow your business is to focus on keeping the customers you already have. And the Clover app helps merchants do just that by fusing the features consumers love with your business—and putting it all in your customer’s pocket.

It’s easy to set up. Clover’s done the heavy lifting, so enabling features like contactless payment or crafting your order ahead menu on the Dashboard is simple. 

Why get your business on the Clover app?

The answer is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Customers like the app. Recent internal data indicates that consumers love the app!. In fact, 94% of app users say they’d recommend it to a friend. 
  2. It engages customers with the features they want. Offering access to rewards programs, online ordering, and other features consumers want, the Clover app keeps users coming back to it—and to the businesses that use it.
  3. Your customers want you there. According to internal data, current users of Clover want even more businesses available in the app. That means they’re looking for businesses like yours on the app. It’s an open invitation for you to connect with and welcome customers to your business.

Combining the power of Clover Customer Engagement suite with the freedom of mobile, the Clover app gives you a brilliant way to bring your customers back with a warm welcome and the features they want. And, it’s totally free to Clover POS merchants.

Now’s the time to harness the power of Clover. Be sure to check out this video to see Clover in action. Learn more about how Clover Customer Engagement can help you build stronger customer relationships. If you need a hand, the Clover team is here to help.

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