Adding QR code ordering to your Clover POS [5 benefits]

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QR code ordering for restaurants from Tabski

While restaurants had to massively overhaul their system during COVID, some of the innovations that came out of that time have shown that they’re here to stay. One of those innovations is QR code ordering.

Also known as scan to order, QR code ordering has stuck around for good reason. There are many benefits to adding this option to your Clover point of sale (POS) at your restaurant. Here are a few:

1. It’s a more efficient process

With a QR code menu, customers can place their orders directly from their devices without having to wait for a server to come to their table. This can help speed up the process of taking orders and getting food to customers, improving overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

2. It’s more sanitary

Post-pandemic, customers have come to expect less physical contact with others and greater sanitary measures. QR code ordering allows customers to place their orders and pay for their meals without having to touch a shared menu or device, which can help reduce the spread of germs.

Illustration of a restaurant's front and back of house with Tabski

3. It improves order accuracy

With QR code ordering, customers can review their orders before submitting them, reducing the risk of mistakes or misunderstandings. Fewer order errors can mean happier customers–and happier staff.

4. It enhances customer experience

QR code ordering can be a convenient and intuitive way for customers to place their orders, especially for those who are more comfortable using technology. And customers who have a good dining experience are likely to return.

5. It provides useful data

Restaurants that utilize QR coding ordering on a POS system like Clover can collect data on customer orders and preferences. This information can help you improve menu offerings, target your marketing efforts, and track sales trends. When you understand your customers better, you can serve them better, which can help increase revenue and profitability for you.

Adding QR code ordering to a restaurant business using Clover’s restaurant POS system can provide a range of benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced contact, better accuracy, enhanced customer experience, and improved data collection. As a result, restaurants enjoy a more streamlined operation, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue and profitability. What’s not to love?

Is your restaurant ready to get started with QR code ordering for Clover? Download the Tabski app today from the Clover App Market!


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