How to get rid of the clutter and improve your business’ efficiency

February 7, 2017

Winter’s cold weather and snow can drive even the most motivated to hunker down and keep everything running on autopilot until springtime buds appear on the trees. But savvy businesspeople that use this dreary (and often, slow) time to do a thorough spring cleaning of their business practices get a jump start on their competitors.

This daunting task can be made easier with a Clover point-of-sale system and its app market, which is stocked with numerous tools that help your company run more efficiently. From automating your inventory to streamlining your employee scheduling and even monitoring various locations, getting rid of outdated practices and updating them with technologically advanced ones just makes sense. Spend a few hours outfitting your Clover with these apps and personalizing them. You’ll gain a stellar return on your investment for the long-term.

What entrepreneur would say “no” to a more orderly and more cost-effective way of doing business?

Time Clock
Maintaining a fully staffed store or quick-serve restaurant can be tricky and time-consuming. But even worse is having an understaffed place of business. Let technology help, and delegate your employee scheduling to this app. Have a worker that wants to trade shifts? Want a better—and consistent—way to track and approve time-off requests? Need to track clock ins/outs and breaks? Time Clock handles all these tasks and more.

A flurry of purchasing occurs in the weeks leading up to Christmas. After the holidays, merchants must endure a blast of exchanges and returns—leaving business owners unsure about their own inventory. Hit refresh on how you do inventory and outsource the tracking to this app. Use it to track items that aren’t moving as fast as you’d like and to know which products have the biggest profit margins.

Age Verification
You don’t want to sully your pristine reputation in the business community by selling age-restricted items to minors. But it can be next to impossible to remember exactly which SKUs require age verification for purchase. Instead of taking the time to memorize this information, rely on technology to do it for you. This app alerts cashiers when someone tries to purchase alcohol, fireworks, tobacco products, aerosol paint, and more. Use it to record a shopper’s age, or if you have a small add-on, scan the person’s ID and store it for future verification.

Commerce Sync
The Pew Research Center reports that half of Americans hate doing their taxes. That’s not at all surprising, considering how incredibly time-consuming and difficult the task is. Even if you have someone complete your returns, tax prep alone can take hundreds of hours. Drastically simplify the process (and make it virtually error-proof) with this app, which automatically transfers sales information into accounting software, like QuickBooks—giving you valuable time to focus on other areas of your business.

HR Resources
As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. And that’s particularly true when it comes to human resources. Major problems can arise if you don’t stay on top of specifics. So as a result, labor management is labor intensive. Maintain quality while reducing the quantity of time you spend on it by tapping the tools and documents accessible via this app. (Think: new hire forms, performance reviews.) Have questions about insurance coverage or employee retention? Hit up the app’s webcasts for expert advice.

Ping Me If
As a business owner, it’s imperative to stay on top of things. But if you’re constantly checking in to see how things are going, you’ll never get a break or take a vacation. (And we all know how healthy it is to take a breather from work.) This foolproof reporting tool seamlessly integrates with your Clover system and allows you to get away without worry. For example, it lets you know if a payment exceeds a specific amount, drawer cash exceeds a predetermined amount, an order remains open too long, and more.

Cash Track
You don’t want to micromanage your workers. But since your business keeps large amounts of cash on hand, you need to know what’s going in and out of your drawers. Instead of manning the register yourself, the Cash Track app tracks how much money each employee and/or register has during the beginning, during, and at the end of a shift. No longer will restaurant managers or owners be forced to spend hours late at night calculating tips; the app calculates how much each employee is due.

[image: Please Clean Up Your Mess by Allen Goldblatt on flickr]

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