Put time-consuming tasks on autopilot with 6 must-have apps

April 14, 2016

I can’t imagine living in a world where we didn’t have the technological marvels we have today. I know I’d pull my hair out trying to get as much done as I do in my business without them! Now, everyone’s got their favorite tools, but I wanted to dig and find some new ones that will help me (and you!) get the most out of our workdays. Here is a list of the six must-have innovative apps that will make you more efficient in your small business.

1. My 1-3-5 List

Too many of us have a daily to-do list that is long. It’s sometimes a challenge to prioritize what needs to get done first. That’s why I like the simplicity of the My 1-3-5 List: you simply put one big task, three medium tasks, and five small tasks on the list. Just the act of deciding where each to-do goes helps me prioritize. And I need all the help I can get all of my work done!

2. Yast

Ever wonder where your day has gone? Yast will tell you. This intuitive time tracker lets you see which projects you’re spending time on, as well as how long you’re on the phone throughout the day. If you’ve got staff, you can also track their time and create time sheets. This app will really show you how productive your team is each day.


Have you ever wished you could set something up to automatically complete a task after something else happens? Like once someone buys something off your website, they automatically get added to your email list? IFTTT will do that for you. It integrates tons of tools you probably already use, like MailChimp, social media sites, WordPress and more. You can use existing “recipes” to create common tasks, like post your Instagram photos to Twitter. It saves you the time of having to manually do whatever that task requires. It saves valuable time in my world.

4. Pocket

If, while you’re browsing the internet, and you stumble across articles of interest but don’t have time to read them then, you need a way to come back to them later. Otherwise, you might never get around to reading them. That’s why I like Pocket: you can save articles, videos, and links to view or read later. And when you’re ready to retrieve what you put in your Pocket, you can access it from any device.

5. Humin

As your business grows it will become more difficult to place names and faces. If your phone is filled with redundant entries (one for email, one for work phone, one for LinkedIn profile), Humin will help you clean up those contacts and make sense of them.  This mobile app will help you see who you and a contact have in common as friends, jot your memory about how you met someone, or give you the lowdown on who you’re about to meet in that sales meeting. The best part with this app: You can conserve that part of your brain you previously spent trying to remember details about people.

6. Google Keep

Yet another innovative tool is Keep from Google. When you need to take notes, you sometimes use scraps of paper or even the generic note-taking app in your phone. But Google Keep is intuitive: you can create a to-do list or agenda that pops up when you reach your business meeting, as well as add notes, lists, photos, and audio reminders through your phone or computer.

Every time I write a roundup of productivity apps, there’s something new and exciting out there.

What apps and tools do you recommend?

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