David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology for small business owners

February 2, 2018

Running a small business is no joke. You have to wear so many hats, and constantly switch between them. Within the span of an afternoon you might have to be a salesperson on the floor, a negotiator with a supplier, a warehouse manager, a customer service representative, a bookkeeper, a social media manager, and an HR supervisor.

With those kinds of responsibilities, productivity is key. There are a number of systems and philosophies out there, but one of the most popular and enduring is David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology. The 5 simple steps can be adapted to meet different needs, so regardless of any details of your particular business, there’s a good chance this system can apply to you.

David Allen’s 5-step method for Getting Things Done (GTD)

1. Capture: Collect what has your attention

Maintain a living document of tasks that you can add to wherever you are. If a task can be completed in under 2 minutes, just do it! If not, put it on the list.

2. Clarify: Process what each list item means and the amount of time it takes to do that task

Review your tasks, and make sure that they are specific and detailed. You don’t want to spend time trying to decode a task, you want to spend your time completing them! Also take a moment to establish a timeline or a deadline by which the task must be completed.

3. Organize: Put it where it belongs

Figure out the best way to organize your tasks. Perhaps it’s by location, what you can delegate, or the best time of day to address them.

4. Reflect: Review frequently

Take a few minutes each day to review your ongoing task list and make sure your priorities are in order. Perhaps you can identify what you hope to accomplish each day, or each week.

5. Engage: Simply do

Complete the tasks! Delegate what you are able to, but complete those within your domain with focus and direction. You don’t want to have to return to the task if it isn’t absolutely necessary.

How Clover can help

Clover can’t do all of your work for you, but it can save you time…lots of time. By some calculations, up to 1,352 hours per year! Aside from automating tasks like managing inventory and distributing schedules, Clover can actually help you engage with the GTD method.

Most business owners are constantly shifting between their devices during their workday (and at home). SimpliDone by Infuse is a task manager and to do list that automatically syncs across all of your platforms. You can use it to capture tasks whether it’s on your phone, in front of your laptop, or at your Clover station. As you organize your tasks, and complete them, you can mark them as finished within the app, immediately updating other platforms as well.

Some of your tasks might involve conveying information to the rest of your staff as well. Consider trying SimpliNotes (from the same developer as SimpliDone) to create notes from anywhere that instantly sync to all of your Clover stations. Want to update your opening or closing checklists? It’s a breeze!

Reports show that 92% of small businesses are using some form of cloud business solutions, but not all of them are using them to capacity. Be smart about how you use your powerful Clover software, and engage the GTD system to maximize your time for creative thought, personal time, and whatever else holds value to you!

[image: Resolutions by mt 23 on flickr]

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