MVP: 5 ways Clover can make your work life easier

January 9, 2018

Make 2018 your most efficient year yet by aggressively weeding out tedious and time-consuming tasks that could prevent you from cultivating your next big idea. The apps described below will handle your most labor intensive responsibilities accurately and efficiently. Consider bookmarking this post and the next time you take a coffee break, look into one of these time-saving apps. They only take a few minutes to set up, but you’ll be surprised at how many days—yes days—you’ll earn back.

1. Automate your accounting

Commerce Sync will eliminate the laborious task of manual data entry by automatically syncing the daily sales on your Clover POS with accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks. It only takes a few minutes to set up and once activated, sales can be transferred as quickly as the next business day. Customers save on average 300 hours per year with this powerful tool. Break that down into an average eight-hour working day and you’ve just uncovered 37 days worth of extra time!

2. Streamline your sales tax

Eliminate the time it takes to fill out paperwork and file your taxes by installing DAVO Sales Tax. This app automatically sets your sales tax aside each day and then files and pays your sales tax for you, accurately, in full and on time. Once installed on your Clover, DAVO Sales Tax will automatically start working the first day of the following month. Conservitavely, a business can spend five hours throughout a given month calculating sales tax. It may not feel like it at the time, but those hours add up to around seven and a half working days a year!

3. Master your digital marketing

Clover Online Listings helps you make sure your business information, like address, phone number and business hours is accurate throughout Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search results and on more than 70 other important sites so it’s easy for customers to find you. You can manage all listings and reviews from one, simple dashboard, so there’s no need to login to multiple sites. If it takes an average of five minutes to login, check and edit a listing then you can easily spend six hours of work each time you perform an online audit. Do this manually and you’re looking at about eight working days a year.

4. Simplify your scheduling

Building a schedule that ensures your customers are served efficiently, while accommodating employee preferences and requests for time off can be frustrating, as well as time consuming. For example, most business managers spend an average of four to five hours per week on scheduling and another four to five hours on per week on payroll. Installing an employee scheduler like Homebase reduced the average time it took to perform both of these tasks down to just a half hour. Total time saved: 65 working days a year!

5. Master your inventory management

Whether you’re running a restaurant or a retail business, making sure your inventory is fully stocked and ready for whatever your customers need is complicated to say the least. Implementing a real-time inventory management system like SimpleOrder for restaurants or Shopventory for retail will automate these tasks, plus you gain the ability to quickly identify low performing items that might be replaced with new offerings. The time it takes to attend to inventory varies depending on your business. For a restaurant, inventory may require 10 hours a week while a small boutique may only need half as much. If we estimate eight hours a week for inventory, the right inventory management system will save you 52 working days a year.

Want to do some fun math? If you implement all five of these apps, you could be saving upwards of 169 working days a year, that’s 1,352 hours! Think of all the innovation you can bring to your business with that kind of extra time.

[image: Mug Shot by Bilby Summerhill on flickr]

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