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4 reasons you should list your business with Apple Maps

If you run a small business, one of the most important jobs... Read more
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5 Apps that will transform restaurant management

Nothing ruins the perfect meal like bad customer service. Now with these... Read more
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Work a Little Less with 11 Popular Clover Apps

Like many business owners, you probably work crazy hours. While working harder... Read more
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Clover app partners

Crowd pleasers: Aligning your business with a cause

The new year is a great time to align your business with... Read more
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Payments & processing

What small businesses should look for in a POS system

Run your business smoothly with POS system software. Clover lists key features... Read more
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Business scenario: Negotiating a lease renewal

Rent is one of the largest expenditures for business and can make... Read more
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Clover app partners

New & notable in the Clover App Market: September 2017

Do you keep up with new offerings in the Clover App Marketplace?... Read more
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Customer service

5 questions to ask before discontinuing a product

Discontinuing a product without taking your customers or your sales data into... Read more
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5 questions to ask to create a striking window display

The challenge: Creating a visually engaging window display that draws passersby with... Read more
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New & notable in the Clover App Market: June 2017

This summer, spend more time with your customers. New & Notable in... Read more
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Customer service

5 questions to ask when a customer has a complaint

Customer complaints can be high-alert moments. Small business owners risk not only... Read more
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Enterprise behavior: Streamlining order delivery

Restaurants that don’t have systems in place to deliver food to customers... Read more
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Clover App Market Spotlight: Help people find your products online with Pointy

Getting dwarfed online by Amazon and other e-tailers? The new Pointy app... Read more

3 reasons to keep your shop’s countertops clutter-free

If you’re running a business, you’ve got customers to service, employees to... Read more
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Biz ops

3 Reasons to keep your shop’s countertops clutter-free

Need a tidier workspace? This post will take a quick look at... Read more
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6 tactics for unifying the front and back of house for restaurants

To ensure a steady flow and a positive communication between the front... Read more
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Customer service

How to reassure your staff when business is slow

When business is noticeably slow, employees tend to worry about their jobs.... Read more
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Clover app partners

New & notable in the Clover App Market: March 2017

Clover POS and the Clover App Market are helping small businesses operate... Read more
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Business trends & research roundup: millennial customers

What are the experts, surveys and latest research reports saying about appealing... Read more
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Clover app partners

New & Notable Apps in the Clover App Market: January 2017

These three apps make it even easier for Clover users to manage... Read more