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Gift cards

7 summer gift card campaign ideas to help ease the summer slump

Summer can mean a boost in sales for many businesses–for some, it means … Read more

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

10 small business collaboration ideas to grow sales

Small business collaborations are a great way to increase your exposure and boost … Read more

Clover app partners

How to pick the best customer loyalty program for your small business

Choosing the best customer loyalty program for your small business can boost repeat … Read more

Running your business

Tax return and receipt


16 ways business owners can save on taxes

We’ve rounded up 16 deductions, credits, and incentives small business owners may be … Read more
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Biz ops

Need to set up online ordering fast? Here’s how.

With Clover Online Ordering, your customers order take-out or delivery meals easily using … Read more
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Mobile credit card processing for Android & iPhone

As a business owner, you can begin accepting credit cards anytime and anywhere … Read more
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Biz ops

Need cash quickly? Try Clover Rapid Deposit

Make your money work for you with Clover Rapid Deposit. Get your funds … Read more
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Biz ops

How to declutter your small business operations

Decluttering: it’s not just for your kitchen cabinets. Streamline your business by following … Read more
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Clover app partners

You need e-commerce more than ever. Here’s how to do it right.

It’s one thing to create an e-commerce site. Creating a dynamic, elegant, and … Read more
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Payment gateway vs. payment processor: what is the difference?

Let’s start here: There are four parties involved with every credit card transaction: … Read more
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Clover app partners

Keep your customers engaged with Feedback and Rewards

As we outlined in the first segment of this two-part series, customer engagement … Read more

Meet the Merchant

Sweet Vine Products trailer parked at a food festival

Meet the Merchant

Meet the Merchant

The Wing Suite

Army veteran and entrepreneur Kartisha Henry is skilled in logistics and supply chain … Read more

Meet the Merchant

Actify Physiotherapy and Wellness

Dr. Marcia Perretto was wheelchair-bound after three hip cartilage repairs failed for mysterious … Read more

Clover product news

3 ways real merchants use Clover Capital to help their businesses grow

Responding to a new business challenge or opportunity takes money. Clover Capital can … Read more

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Peek under the POS hood

Want to know how to choose a POS system? Ever wonder how payment processing really works? Our guides answer more questions than you ever thought you could ask. Add these morsels of wisdom to your digital library!

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employee holding restaurant door open for business

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

The 15 most profitable restaurant businesses to start in 2024

Luckily in 2024, the U.S. restaurant industry continues to evolve and is on … Read more
Woman trying on rings in a jewelry shop


How to open a jewelry store

Jewelry shops can be a great addition to almost any shopping district or … Read more
Florist tying a bouquet of flowers with a ribbon


Florist website design tips: Make your online storefront bloom

Designing a florist website? These tips can help ensure your site is both … Read more
A piece of paper with to do: start a business typed on it


How to start a business with no money

New businesses and services are popping up everywhere. While starting a business with … Read more
Clover point of sale equipment on counter facing customer


How to POS swap with ease (& without the headache)

Which is why many businesses can find themselves struggling with outdated or inadequate … Read more
View of the Miami coastline during the daytime

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

How to open a restaurant in Florida

With millions of visitors and billions in revenue each year, Florida, the nation’s … Read more
Florist working on an order in her shop


Should your florist shop offer subscriptions?

Flower subscription services are a great way for florists to boost customer loyalty … Read more
restaurant employee preparing online order in kitchen

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

How to increase restaurant revenue with online ordering (OLO) kitchens

Designated online ordering (OLO) kitchens can help increase restaurant revenue and average order … Read more
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Clover Academy Webinars

Shopping for Restaurant Success: How to Choose the Right Hospitality Technology

Clover Academy Webinar

Learn how to select the right technology to help boost revenue, improve efficiency, and save money.

Live webcast recorded on 9/7/23

Chefs cooking on a flaming range.

Shopping for Restaurant Success: How to Choose the Right Hospitality Technology

Learn how to select the right technology to help boost revenue, improve efficiency, and save money. (Live Webcast recorded on 9/7/23)
Woman holding cardboard box while operating her computer with other hand.

Protecting Your Business: Fraud & Security Strategies for SMBs

Learn tips and best practices to help safeguard your business, prevent payment fraud, and protect your customer data.

(Live Webcast 6/22/23)