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Gift cards

2023 gift card trends: How inflation is impacting consumer spending habits

Conducted in January 2023, the Q1 Gift Card Gauge from Fiserv assessed...

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

3 reasons why you should offer a mocktail menu at your restaurant or bar

Have you noticed more sober-curious guests at your restaurant or bar? If...

Payments & processing

8 different types of credit cards for businesses and consumers

Asking the question of why so many different kinds of credit cards can be...

Payments & processing

PYMNTS: Small businesses turn to platforms to simplify payment operations

In a collaboration with American Express, asks Andrea Gellert, head of...

Payments & processing

5 payment technology trends to watch in 2023

In 2023, customers will continue to demand more ways to pay: from...


Small businesses remain optimistic while adapting to current challenges

A survey of small business owners across the U.S. who utilize Clover...


What the Inflation Reduction Act means for small business

The Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law on August 16th, and...


Pros and cons of using travelers checks when going abroad

When traveling abroad, it’s important that you are able to buy the...


What is cryptocurrency and why it matters for small businesses

Day traders fascinated with Elon Musk’s wealth bought into the joke–quite literally–and...

Clover partner solutions

How retailers can get holiday-ready now

If you're in retail, read this before you open your doors to...


Clover Restaurant Holiday Guide 2021

Download our 2021 Holiday Guide for Restaurants, fresh out of the oven!


Clover Retail Holiday Guide 2021

Download our 2021 Holiday Guide for Retailers, on special order from Clover!


Clover Services Holiday Guide 2021

Special delivery from Clover! Download our 2021 Holiday Guide for Service Businesses.


COVID Impact on Industry: Services

We review the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the services sector.


COVID Impact on Industry: Retail

We look at the effect the pandemic has had on the retail...


Celebrating AAPI innovators and entrepreneurs during Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Clover is celebrating AAPI Heritage month with this list highlighting just a...


Earth Day 2021

What is Earth Day? The first Earth Day took place on April...


COVID Impact on Industry: Food & Beverage

We look at the effect the pandemic has had on the food...

Thought leadership

Celebrating female inventors and entrepreneurs during Women’s History Month

Celebrate Women’s History Month with this list recognizing a few of the...


COVID Impact on Industry: Lodging & Recreation

How hard has the pandemic hit the lodging & recreation sectors? Read...


International Women’s Day

We're proud to recognize International Women's Day. Learn about the challenges women...


A Day in the Life of Clover

We sit down with Sophia Nguyen, senior product manager for financial value...


Celebrating Black inventors & entrepreneurs during Black History Month

From the traffic light to the potato chip, Black entrepreneurs and inventors...


COVID Impact on Industry: Travel & Tourism

We look at the pandemic's impact on travel & tourism, one of...

Meet the Merchant

Giving thanks to our merchants

Clover thanks all of our merchants, and especially those who have shared...