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The retail landscape is becoming more fragmented as merchants increasingly design their payment environments using solutions from multiple vendors. A complete multi-channel package, however, allows you to accept payments across all sales channels and devices, whether via phone, mobile, online or point of sale (POS) — through a single omni-channel payment gateway and processing platform.

With omni-channel payment processing, you can:

  • Choose to accept payments on a terminal, tablet, via POS, or online
  • Reconcile transactions easier in one easy-to-use location like an omni-payment gateway
  • Increase your business by enabling multi-channel payments for customers who purchase in various non-traditional ways
  • Reduce your number of vendors with a provider that can help with all your omni-channel credit card processing needs — from providing equipment for card-present transactions to offering e-commerce and mobile payments to delivering top-notch customer service

Benefits of a multi-channel payments system

When you consolidate customer payments across all channels and devices, you save time and money. Omni-payment gateway technology also provides greater consistency in reporting — no matter how, when, or where your customers choose to pay.

Three additional benefits of using an omni-payment gateway:

  • Working with a single support team simplifies service by eliminating multiple calls to multiple vendors
  • Consolidated reporting and monitoring keeps you more organized, improving your efficiency
  • Multi-channel payment processing allows you to attract more customers by offering multiple ways to buy from you

By driving all channels through a single PCI-compliant omni-channel payment gateway platform, you benefit from improved security and less overall fraud.

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