New and Notable in the Clover App Market: January 2022

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Welcome to 2022! We’re ringing in the new year with some apps to help build your business through customer loyalty and relationship management.

Pintuna Gift Cards by Pintuna Inc: What better way to get new customers into your store than by offering digital gift cards? Pintuna offers a wide variety of avenues for digital gift cards, whether your customer wants to redeem the gift card in store or online. Plus, set up is a breeze.

FlexWash POS by flexwashtechnologies: If you’re running a car wash, you probably run into a wide variety of problems. Leaky hoses, impatient drivers, and those little nooks and crannies in the cupholder can all cause complications to a car wash. As a point of sale app, FlexWash probably can’t help with cupholder cleanups, but it can make customer management easier. With this app, your Clover Flex can track customer information, all based on the license plate. Just make sure you keep the suds off the Flex when you use it.

Cojilio Booking Platform by NCX, Inc.: Coordinating services can get complicated. Fast. It’s hard to manage a double-booking if all your employees are using different calendars. Luckily, Cojilio is here to help. Whether it’s for car maintenance or pet manicures, this app keeps customer information and appointments logged all in one place—and includes a loyalty program for those customers who just can’t get enough of your services.

Raydiant Automated Digital Signage & Experience Platform by Raydiant: Sometimes you need to change prices. It happens. But one of the worst parts about changing prices is going through all the signs, stickers, and posters to make those updates. With Raydiant’s help, you can now save a few trees by using digital signage that automatically updates pricing when you do. You can even schedule price changes to match time of day or season. Go check it out.

Service Pros Tech Estimate and Invoicing by SPS: What’s the best way to grow your service business? Service Pros knows: customer relationship management. Using this app, you can manage customer relationships, oversee team projects, and automate notifications and reminders. Comprehensive reporting also allows you to track equipment and inventory levels. With all this reporting, all you need to worry about is getting the project done.

Invoice Pro Recuring & Remote Payments by SPS: Forget one-and-done payments. The future of payments lies in subscription-based services and Invoice Pro is here to help. By combining a CRM and invoicing system, Invoice Pro Recurring & Remote Payments makes it easy to track revenue and customer relationships all in one place. This app is ideal for plumbers, electricians, A/C installations and repairs, gyms, and any services that charge monthly payments.

E-Commerce Connector by LoyLap: If you use any of LoyLap’s apps (or are considering taking the plunge), this app is for you. By hooking up E-Commerce Connector to Gift Cards, Cashless, Loyalty, Order Ahead, or Self Checkout, you can use this app to start accepting online payments from customers.  

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