How to increase gym membership retention: 5 apps to help you connect with members

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Our health and fitness aren’t seasonal–gym member retention shouldn’t be either. While the New Year’s resolutions rush may be long gone, the data shows that owning a fitness and personal training business is one of the best business opportunities for entrepreneurs in 2023.

In fact, the industry is expected to grow 19% within the next decade. This growth projection makes it even more important for fitness and personal training businesses to deliver products and services that will help you compete with industry expansion, but also to implement membership retention strategies that cater to your customers’ increasing demand for personalized experiences.

Thankfully, that’s where technology can help. Here are five apps that can be seamlessly integrated with your gym and fitness center POS system to help better engage your members and build a loyal customer base.

Reward your members with Digital Loyalty

Customer loyalty programs are a game changer, especially for small businesses. They create a positive customer experience and incentivize customers to keep returning. With the Digital Loyalty app by Loyalzoo, implement your membership retention strategy and create and run your points-based loyalty program. In just minutes, set up your points-based loyalty program and start rewarding your members for things like gym attendance, class participation, personal training sessions, or purchases at your store or refreshment counter.

What about reaching and rewarding members you haven’t seen in a bit or attracting potential new ones? Easy. Reach all levels of customers by sending customized reward notifications and promotional messages straight to their phones and emails.

The best part? By rewarding your customers, you’ll be rewarding your business, too, by simply integrating this app into your operations.

Automate membership fees with Subscriptions, Memberships & Cards-on-File

Create a recurring revenue stream while simultaneously building customer loyalty by offering your members a subscription or membership program using Loyalzoo’s app, Subscriptions, Memberships & Cards-on-File. With this app, easily store customer cards on file, set up recurring payments, and use their saved card information for hands-free payments. This app automates it all when paired with your Clover POS system. You select how frequently you want to bill your customers, and it will do the rest, which is a great way to increase gym membership retention and make the payment process pain-free for all involved.

Make it easy for members to book classes with Warrior Studio Management Software

A big part of any gym business is offering members the option to book classes or work with a personal trainer. If the sign-up process is too complicated, you risk turning those members away and losing business. Make it easy on yourself and your customers by integrating Warrior Dev’s handy Warrior Studio Management Software app into your POS system. You can easily manage your classes, workshops, and appointments while your customers can book, check in, and pay through their mobile phone or desktop computer. That’s not all. Monitor your gym’s health using the app’s reporting dashboard. It’s a great way to see your gym retention strategies paying off.

Simplify spa and wellness appointments with Inspire by STX

Do you offer spa and wellness services (massage, stretching, nutrition programs) at your gym? Look no further than the Inspire by STX app, which offers members an easy and intuitive way to sign up for appointments. This scheduling tool allows you to manage all aspects of your appointments and stay connected with members through a complete marketing suite, which can help improve membership retention and reduce no-shows.

Invite regular feedback with Zoomifi Customer Survey

Listening to feedback can be one of the best ways to create an excellent gym experience for your members. There are many ways to go about this, but let’s face it, we all live busy lives. So, instead of asking members to fill out lengthy and complicated feedback forms, simplify the process with Zoomifi’s app called Customer Survey. Quick, convenient, and effective surveys allow members to provide feedback in under three minutes using their phones. All they have to do is scan a QR code left on receipts, class confirmation emails, or various signage around the gym and give feedback. You will receive survey results in real time. Give kudos to great employees who members mention directly. This can be a great way to retain gym members by improving their experience based on feedback.

Whether you’re a gym owner looking to take your business to the next level or start your new studio in this industry, use this information to help you invest in the tools that can help you boost member retention rates and build a loyal customer base.

To learn how you can run your gym or fitness business more efficiently, contact a Clover Business Consultant today.


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