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It’s that time of the year again. Soon, the pumpkin season will be upon us and families will be making plans for Thanksgiving. And before long, Mariah Carey’s holiday classic will be back in the charts.

The holiday season is coming closer, and this year is shaping up to be one of the most competitive. Rewarding your customers and keeping them loyal during and beyond the holiday season is more important than ever.

With Loyalzoo, you can choose from three types of loyalty programs:

  • Points
  • Subscription
  • Punch card

Points-based loyalty 

This classic loyalty program is simple: grow your business by getting your existing customers to spend more. It’s a proven formula. The closer they get to their reward, the more they spend. The holiday season is a perfect time to create a program and grow your customer base. Once signed up, you can send enticing promotions and reach out to let them know about your holiday specials. A points-based loyalty program can increase your customers’ average spend as much as 14%*. What’s more, it’s far easier and more cost-effective to engage and deepen relationships with your existing customers than trying to attract new customers to your store! 

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Subscription-based loyalty 

This is a new type of loyalty program for small businesses, similar to Amazon Prime. A subscription model allows for predictable recurring revenue. Almost any business will reap its benefits. A café could offer unlimited coffees for $30 per month or a spa membership plan could offer 4 free facials a month. Even offer 5% off every purchase and exclusive deals for $10 per month. 

With Loyalzoo’s Memberships & Recurring payments you can also send marketing promotions and save customer cards on file for future purchases.

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Punch card

One of the best-known loyalty programs is a punch card. It is often used by cafes and barber shops with every visit or purchase of a certain amount resulting in a “punch” or “stamp”. After maybe 7 or 8 punches a customer receives a reward. This solution is great for small, fast-paced businesses that do not have access to a full point of sale till. The customer’s payment card works as their loyalty card, so there’s no signup process required. However, this also means that no customer data is collected. 

Your choice

Now’s the time to make the most out of your existing customer relationships by investing in a loyalty program. With these options to choose from, there’s a right fit for every business. Don’t let the coming holiday season pass without getting your customers in your loyalty program–and building your business for you. 

Visit Clover App Market to learn more about Loyalzoo today.

*This percentage is based on Loyalzoo data. Loyalzoo monitors the average basked value of its customers at install and again after 12 months. The resulting average increase in spend has been found to be 14%.

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